This Week in The Constitution: You Can’t Own an AR-15, But Your Kids Have to Worship Satan

I see these events relating to the Constitution and rights, and the “do do do do do do do do do” from “Mrs. Robinson” plays in my head.

It’s a Jew bastardization of a children’s lullaby designed for emotionally stunted adults, and that’s what a belief in the Constitution is when the Supreme Court defends gun control.

Chicago Tribune:

For the second time in six months, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday denied a request from gun rights advocates to put a hold on Illinois’ sweeping gun ban, the latest decision coming as the deadline approaches for owners to register prohibited firearms they owned prior to the law’s effective date.

It was the second court setback this week for opponents of the ban on high-powered guns and high-capacity magazines. On Monday, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago denied a request from the National Association for Gun Rights and a Naperville gun dealer for a review by the full court of November’s ruling by a three-judge panel that kept the gun ban in place.

We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files.

Most of all, you’ve got to hide it from the kids.

You can’t have a gun.

But your kids have to worship Satan.

Because of the Constitution.

It is 100% impossible to restrict gun rights based on the US Constitution. “Shall not be infringed” is very straightforward. You should be able to carry a machine pistol with a banana clip, concealed, anywhere in this country that is not private property explicitly forbidding this sort of weapon. States and municipalities clearly have zero right to restrict your rights, enumerated.

But after civil rights, it’s all absurd. Every line of law is absurd after they allowed “civil rights” to violate free association. You have a right to refuse entry to anyone, whether it’s because he’s a nigger or because you don’t like the cut of his jib or because you’ve got a bad feeling about it. It’s YOUR PROPERTY. There is no way to reframe that. It is what it is, and it means the Constitution is no longer active and you shouldn’t act like it is active.

There are all kinds of smarmy things I could say about Trump’s “conservative-originalist court picks,” but I don’t even think it’s fair. These are the conservative-originalists from the Federalist Society. They believe in gun control, civil rights, and satanic worship at elementary school.

It really needs to be stressed: the Constitution is inactive, and anyone who cites it – whether to say something you support or something you are against – is being dishonest.

Obviously, you can say “the Constitution says they can’t restrict guns,” but they have been violating the Constitution since the late 19th century and they threw it out completely in the 1960s. So on some level, if you argue your “Constitutional rights,” while knowing that that Constitution has been suspended for decades (at least), you are validating the system which cites the Constitution as the source of its authority and yet has nothing to do with it.

Remember that the Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz said that the government could force-vax you.

(Jewish, by the way. Just so you understand: he’s Jewish. Most Constitutional scholars are. Jewish, that is. They’re basically all Jewish.)

All the Constitution did was ensure God-given rights, so we have these rights aside from the Constitution. We don’t need to cite the Constitution as the source of these rights. The source is God. The answer to “it’s time for your kids’ Satan class” is “no,” and the answer to “surrender your weapon” is “come and take it.”