Blinken Says Hamas Trained Bears and Eagles to Rape Jew Women

Getting the US Secretary of State to come out behind this rape hoax bullshit is a major win for Bibi.

Antony Blinken and Jake Tapper are both Jewish, by the way, in case anyone is keeping score.

It’s a coincidence.

New York Post:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has blasted the United Nations and other leaders for being so slow to condemn rapes and other sexual attacks by Hamas terrorists — which he says are “beyond anything that I’ve ever seen.”

“The atrocities that we saw on Oct. 7 are almost beyond description or beyond our capacity to digest,” Blinken said in a Sunday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“And we’ve talked about them before, but the sexual violence that we saw on Oct. 7 is beyond anything that I’ve ever seen, either.”


The failure to condemn, and in some cases failure to even believe, the reports of sexual violence is something about which “these organizations, these countries need to ask themselves.”

“Failure to believe”!


“Blinken and Tapper accused the goyim of failure to believe the story of Angel Face and the rolling decapitated head.”

Blinken was asked whether he thought the UN’s stalled acknowledgment was due to antisemitism.

“I don’t know why countries, leaders, international organizations were so slow to focus on this, to bring it to people’s attention,” Blinken responded. “I’m glad it is finally happening.”

Reports of widespread rape in Israel during Hamas’ attack were first reported last month, when the Physicians for Human Rights Israel published its initial assessment.

Based on eyewitness account, by the way.

Just in case anyone is keeping score on that one.

They destroyed all the evidence. By accident.

“What we know for sure is that it was more than just one case and it was widespread, in that this happened in more than one location and more than a handful of times,” Hadas Ziv, the group’s policy and ethics director said.

One combat medic also told the Associated Press how he came across at least a half dozen bodies of women and men with possible signs of sexual assault.

The reason people were “slow to condemn” is that they were probably confused when allegations of an entire new category of Hamas crimes came out six weeks after the October 7 event.

Plus, I think people are just sort of sick of condemning Hamas.

How many times do the Jews expect these condemnations to happen? If they can come out six weeks after the original round of condemnations and demand another round of condemnations, then can’t they just keep doing that? Periodically demanding everyone on earth issue a public condemnation, and then accusing them of being evil if they don’t do it fast enough?

And this is while they’re slaughtering hundreds of children per day, after systematically eliminating hospitals in Gaza?

We have to keep condemning the parents of the children they’re murdering? For new crimes that they just discovered somehow, six weeks later?

Angel Face beheaded with a shovel and the rolling head? These articles are all dated December 3.

How much time do the goyim have between issuing of the claim by the media and the condemnation?

Are there any circumstances under which the goyim are allowed to believe that it is possible for the Jewish government to report something false? Or is it, in every case, antisemitic and pure evil to question anything the government of Israel claims, even if they are talking about chopping people’s heads off with shovels or other such things reminiscent of Looney Tunes?

We already have laws in Europe where “failure to believe” Jewish accounts of World War II can result in a prison sentence. Could we be looking at some kind of global law forcing everyone on earth to believe everything Jews say, or face prison?

In general, there seems to be a sense that the whole world is getting tired of this.