Tim Pool Calls Out PewDiePie’s Epic Gamer Cuckout to the ADL!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2019

This PewDiePie thing is shaping up to be a blessing in disguise. Lots of people are calling his 50k jewgeld out for what it is – a capitulation to the kikes.

Despite the ADL’s best efforts to censor the comments on Felix’s latest video announcing his d’nation to the Jews and the censorship efforts of Reddit pedo-mod Sloth_on_Meth (more on that in a bit), the message from the fan base has gotten through to PewDiePie loud and clear that his Zoomer base is not pleased with this latest cuck out.

He has had to ask his new YouTube-provided lawyer to help him draft out a response.

My man, Tim “Alt-Right Adjacent” Pool is on the case though, calling Pewds out for his latest most retarded move.

Tim Pool, as always, has a sizzlin’ hot take.

Felix’s act of cowardice has basically thrown hundreds if not thousands of content creators on YouTube under the bus. He could have been a figure to rally around, but instead, he wanted that shiny new button and handwritten letter from Susan “Incompetent Yenta” Wojcicki over at YouTube HQ.

This is another way of saying that Felix’s inner Swede decided to come out at the most inopportune moment and he cucked so hard that the heavens shook instead.

Also, as I alluded to earlier, even though Felix never picked the guy personally, the PewDiePie subreddit is modded by a dysgenic J-Left pedo running cover for the ADL and stifling any comments calling out the foul play by calling it all a troll hoax.

Chapotraphouse listener =====>oven. 

This was the same tactic used recently by Mike “Massive Mammaries” Enoch when it was revealed that he was a Fed collaborator.

Just blame it all on the trolls, am I right? It’s almost like all these guys get their tactics from the same playbook or something.

Anyways, someone should probably do something about this Sloth guy. I know it’s Reddit and Reddit is completely run by these sick perverts, but you’d think Felix would show some concern over who he allows his 9-year-old army to be modded by in his name. Or maybe this is the new direction that PewDiePie wants to go in, idk.

One thing is for sure, PewDiePie is a sad little weakling bitch who thought that he could pay off the bullies. In reality, he’s opened up a whole new hurtbox for himself. His fans will abandon him and his new lukewarm content, while the kikes will continue demanding greater and greater concessions from him.

His cowardice has caused him to make a colossal error in judgment.

I think I speak for the whole internet when I say that we are very disappointed in you, Felix.