Times of Israel Jewnalist Calls Donald Trump “Some Goy” on Twitter!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2019

If the goyim were paying attention, they might start picking up on the fact that these Jews don’t seem to like them very much.

The reporter in question appears to be an Israel First nationalist of the sort that Donald Trump pinned all his hopes on in the belief that they would protect him from their liberal Western cousins who run the MSM. This makes his goy comments sting a bit more than they normally would.

Remember: the Jews use the term “goy” in a strictly derogatory sense. It means cattle and it is how they talk amongst themselves when they think that the goyim are sleeping.

You would think that Donald Trump might eventually pick up on the animosity that these “people” hold for him and call them out on it. The tweet is the equivalent of a hot mic moment, and as we have seen before, Trump usually doesn’t shy away from calling out two-faced behavior.

But the Jews have the Great Goy Chieftain by the balls, unfortunately.

All that is left is to ritually sacrifice him. 

This is what the Jew coup/impeachment/goat rodeo/chicken-whirling ritual is all about.

Trump is being accused of being a very bad goy by the Sanhedrin, who are heaping up every single accusation and insult that they can against him and projecting their own well-documented destruction of America’s democracy onto the Orange Man while whirling him around in the impeachment hearings and on the MSM.

There is no other explanation for this impeachment farce.

This will no doubt be leaked in the next White House exposé book, but for now we can only surmise that Jared Kushner is probably sneaking into Donald Trump’s bedchambers and clipping locks of his hair to pass onto the rabbis, who no doubt burn it in incense fires. Or it might be Ivanka doing that, I don’t know.

The Jews know that Donald Trump’s strength comes from his golden mane.

They are absolutely obsessed with it.

It’s all they ever talk about and they routinely mock it because they fear it/covet it for black magick purposes.

Trump should wear a hat while he sleeps if he wants to be safe.