Trouble Brewing in Iraq! US Embassy in Green Zone Hit by Rocket Attack!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2020

Literally all of the recent trouble in Iraq could have been prevented by showing a little bit of spine and not caving to Israel’s demands that America assassinate the Good Colonel.

But no, we just had to do what the kikes wanted.

Now, we’ve got a full-blown rebellion brewing in Iraq, a country that was supposedly pacified at the cost of 4,000 dead Americans (not counting all the local auxiliaries and private mercenaries).

“For what purpose!” the goyim cry out to Tel Aviv.

“Because we like messing with you!” the Jews reply and laugh.


Five rockets landed in Baghdad’s “green zone” earlier in the day, where the US Embassy and various Iraqi government buildings are located, Iraqi sources said.

Three rockets have struck the US embassy in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, with one hitting its restaurant, Al Arabiya reported on Sunday citing security sources.

The US aircraft were spotted flying over the scene, the agency added.

Baghdad’s “green zone”, where the US embassy is currently located, has recently been the target of several attacks. The latest one occurred just earlier in the day when three Katyusha rockets fell near the American embassy, Iraq’s Al Sumaria TV reported, with no casualties confirmed so far.

Funny, I thought McDonald’s was the US embassy, but now I hear about restaurants called “Al-Arabiya” inside of compounds and I’m confused. If I were an Iraqi insurgent, I would wage war against McDonald’s first, not a restaurant called “Al-Arabiya,” but maybe the problem is that everyone loves McDonald’s too damn much literally everywhere in the world to lift a finger to harm it. Of all the nations in the world, only the French were ever against McDonald’s and eventually, when they thought the rest of the world stopped paying attention to France, they let them in on the sly. True story.

France McDonald’s is as gay as everything else in France, somehow.

We remain poised on the brink of a massive Shiite uprising in Baghdad in response to America sabotaging peace talks by murdering the Good Colonel with a missile. The Pentagon plan appears to be to withdraw most troops from Iraq to nearby Gulf countries, allow the uprising to occur, then to swoop back in to clean it up and kill off as many of its fighters as possible.

This will no doubt be sold to the American public as an anti-Iran effort, which I guess it is at this point. But this situation is totally artificial. There was no need to get all the Shiites – who were former allies of the US in their efforts to mop up the remnants of Saddam’s Republican Guard –  to unite together with the sole purpose of driving American soldiers out of Iraq.

This situation is akin to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The whole Iraq war was, as a matter of fact.

Nothing that the US did there makes any sense from a strategic military point of view at all. Only when you realize that this is a war being fought for Israel’s interests – which include completely destabilizing the region and creating mass exoduses of people to Europe, do you really start to see the “mistakes” as deliberate moves to make a volatile situation even worse.