Tucker Carlson Sits Down for Interview with 18-Year-Old Heterosexual White Male

This is a great interview – and very revealing.

I think it’s great that Tucker Carlson will sit down with rando 18-year-olds for interviews from his sauna.

If I was rich and famous and had a sauna, I’d be inviting 18-year-old… grils.

You know… for a bit of the old… well, a bit of, you know what I’m saying. A bit of fun.

A bit of the old nasty-nasty.

I think you catch my drift, if you know what I’m saying.

I suppose every reader of this site has a pretty similar idea of the kinds of things they’d be doing with 18-year-old girls in a private sauna. Some really dirty stuff.

If you catch my meaning*.

The interviewer, Daniel Schmidt, is not someone I’ve ever heard of. But he only has 26,000 followers on Twitter at time of writing, and I would assume more than half of those are a result of the Carlson interview.

So he’s basically a rando.

If you don’t want to watch the whole interview, Schmidt uploaded a bunch of clips to his Twitter. This is really great stuff. And Daniel seems great. He’s handsome and well put-together and concerned about this anti-white agenda.

If Tucker isn’t going to run in 2024, then he needs to aggressively endorse Donald Trump.

I was disappointed to see him seemingly saying positive things about Ron DeSantis 2024 at his Iowa event.

See: I’m Pretty Sure Tucker is Not Running in 2024

I will support Tucker Carlson in 2024. That is the only candidate I will actually support. Otherwise, just by default, I’m supporting Trump, because he’s the only one who is going to say anything interesting or funny.

Obviously, all of this mail-in stuff has been institutionalized following the 2020 election, so it is impossible for a Republican to win.

I think the Democrats are going to do less fraud in 2022 so that Republicans start to believe they can win in 2024, and just kind of forget about 2020.

Honestly, I don’t understand what exactly Trump is even talking about when he continues to accurately state that he won in 2020 and it was stolen, and then implies it’s going to be different in 2024. How is it going to be different in 2024? How could it possibly be different?

He’s saying “vote harder”?

We voted really, really hard in 2020. Trump got more votes than any candidate in history.

It’s just that Joe Biden got 7 million more than him, because in so many swing states more than 100% of the population voted.

Seriously – look at the numbers.

So… what then? How is he going to win in 2024?

Answer: it’s not actually possible, unless the government partially or totally collapses before then, say, as a result of the dollar being overthrown as the world reserve currency.

In that case, maybe something wild could happen. But it probably won’t. What we need to be considering is the campaign. Trump is going to say more funny stuff. That’s the bottom line.

In the case that something wild happens and the election is real, Trump is obviously better than DeSantis.

*That’s a joke. I of course don’t support luring teenage girls into private saunas and slitting their throats. That’s awful, and I really shouldn’t even be making jokes about it, frankly. Femicide is very serious, and we need white women for the breeding stock of the Aryan race**.

**Just joking. I aggressively support luring teenage girls into private saunas and slitting their throats on principle.