Tucker Confirms Steve Bannon’s Claim That Dozens of Trump Supporters Were Raided by the Feds

On Thursday, Steve Bannon went on the Charlie Kirk podcast and said that at least 35 raids were conducted against Trump supporters last week.

The interview came after Bannon was released from custody in New York, having turned himself in for charges related to embezzling funds from a wall-building charity. Bannon most likely did embezzle funds, and would have reason to lie. Furthermore, after the shitbag drunk Gavin McInnes faked his arrest, you have to be skeptical of anything coming from this crowd.

However, on Friday, Tucker Carlson had on Republican lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, who is a much more serious person than Steve Bannon, and she confirmed that she had knowledge of these raids.

She said that three of her clients were raided or hit with subpoenas, and she has information that there were fifty (50) of these.

This was Friday and today is Sunday, and we haven’t heard anything about who these people are. But basically, we’re spiraling into a situation where everyone is getting raided for supporting Donald Trump.

I am not going to say that is eminent. But it might be? I would not be surprised, which is the primary reason of several reasons that Gavin McInnes’ cutesy little hoax was so repulsive and unforgivable. Everyone is expecting these raids, and he thought it was a good idea to mock that concern of the people, and to mock all of the other political prisoners, in order to try to gain media attention.

He didn’t get much media attention, but the media will use his madcap prank in the future. When people start disappearing, they are going to say that faking arrests is just something that right-wingers do, and use him as evidence.

Let me just say again: I’m not trying to sound histrionic. I don’t know when or who the feds are going to raid next. But they raided Trump, they raided a Republican congressman, then Biden declared himself a dictator, and they’re now raiding unnamed Trump supporters. So, we don’t know what happens next.

There’s an argument to make that if they’re just raiding rich Trump supporters that the chilling effect they are trying to produce is aimed at donors and other infrastructure of the Trump team, and not yet aimed at the broader public. But we don’t know that. Even if it is currently just aimed at infrastructure, it could spin into something else quickly.

Who knows what comes next. I don’t know. These people are out of control, and as soon as they stole the election, it was obvious that there was only one way this could go.