Twitter Bans Former UN Inspector Scott Ritter for Talking About Ukrainian War Crimes

At first they were banning speech because it allegedly hurt people’s feelings.

Then it was killing people to disagree with the CDC and Anthony Fauci.

But what’s going on now?

Does talking about the Ukraine hurt someone’s feelings or get someone killed from a virus?

What is the new rationale here?

Or are they just saying “this new Indian CEO is wild – we can’t even control him, he just bans everyone”?


Twitter “permanently suspended” the retired US Marine Corps officer Scott Ritter on Wednesday, accusing him of engaging in prohibited behavior by questioning the claims of Ukrainian authorities that Russian soldiers had massacred civilians in Bucha near Kiev. Ritter is best known as the former UN weapons inspector who doubted US claims about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, invoked by Washington as a pretext for the 2003 invasion.

“So apparently I’ve been suspended from Twitter for the crime of challenging the orthodox narrative of the so-called Bucha massacre,” Ritter said on his Telegram channel, sharing a screenshot of the message he received from the Big Tech platform.

“I’ve appealed, so who knows what the future will bring,” Ritter said, adding that “Freedom of speech in America today is an endangered concept.”

According to the screenshot, Twitter’s censors had decided that Ritter violated their rules against “harassment and abuse” by saying the Ukrainian police had committed crimes against humanity in Bucha, and were trying to shift blame onto Russia with US help.

Ritter’s tweet did not contain calls for abuse or harassment, or wish physical harm on anyone, Shadowproof journalist Kevin Gosztola pointed out, arguing that his ban “shows how Twitter Rules can be twisted to silence US foreign policy critics.”

The rules were recently updated to include “denying mass casualty events took place,” Gosztola noted, but he said Ritter hadn’t done that, either.

Okay, so. They aren’t even giving explanations anymore.

Someone pointed out the other day that even during the lead-up to the Iraq War, there was some dissent on television, radio, and in written media.

So at this point, Twitter is more censored than TV was 20 years ago? I guess?

Here’s a recent video of Ritter on the Gray Zone. It’s two weeks old, so obviously the information is not up to date, but it lets you know where he’s coming from.

I don’t agree with everything he says, but he is an authority and a literal “expert.”

You have to wonder why it is so important to these people that everyone in the West supports this war against Russia.

I mean, at least the country was attacked on 911. Whatever else you say about it, buildings did get blown up. Here, there is no threat, there is not even a stated threat, but everyone must support the Ukraine, and if you don’t you are silenced by this Indian guy.

Is Elon going to fix this?