Two Members of the Golden Dawn Shot Dead in Front of Athens Headquarters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2013

Double murder: two members of the Golden Dawn dead.  What now?
Double murder: two members of the Golden Dawn dead. What now?

Two members of the Golden Dawn, aged 22 and 26, were killed tonight in front of the Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens in a drive-by shooting. A third man was seriously injured.

Authorities are calling the Heraklion Avenue shooting a terrorist attack, and swearing to deal with it on those terms.

A statement was released on the Golden Dawn’s official site, blaming the murders on the Samaras government, who had recently removed all police protection from the offices. Police protection is given to all offices of serving government officials; the removal this protection was an illegal act, and it has resulted in death. The statement also condemned the government and media for purposefully inciting hatred against the party.

The party’s leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos responded to the murders, saying, “Tonight Mr. Dendias and the leader and the senior officers of ELAS (Greek People’s Liberation Army) stained their hands with blood! We sit in prison while the executioners of two young men walk free. These men have no shame!”

Spokesmen Ilias Kasidiaris gave the following statement:

“The Golden Dawn was targeted tonight on the street, and for a month now by the government and the media. For this reason, we are asking for swift punishment, not just for the murders themselves, but also for the instigation of this crime, this cold-blooded execution. We ask all Greeks to remain calm and stay united at this critical hour. We express our deepest sorrow to the family of young men. These boys are members of our family.

Calls for calm are good and well, but things are definitely getting hot in Athens.

It looks as though war has come to Greece.