Americans are Too Fat to “Unleash Chaos and Bedlam”

The theft of the election, which happened right in front of everyone, did not unleash bedlam.

Keeping Trump off the ballot in Colorado wouldn’t do that either.


Donald Trump’s lawyers have warned that the entire entire US could be plunged into chaos if the country’s Supreme Court upholds the state of Colorado’s decision to remove the republican presidential frontrunner from its ballot.

Last month, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Trump ineligible to run for re-election and removed him from the ballot for the presidential primary on March 5. The court cited the 14th Amendment, which bans insurrectionists from holding public office.

Trump’s lawyers argued again on Thursday that the former president had not instigated the riot on January 6, 2021.

The Colorado ruling, which was the first of its kind, has been left in limbo pending a decision by the US Supreme Court, with the first oral arguments in the case set for February 8.

“The court should put a swift and decisive end to these ballot-disqualification efforts, which threaten to disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. They added that, if other states follow Colorado’s lead, it would  “unleash chaos and bedlam.” 

The former president’s legal team also noted that the piece of legislation invoked by the Colorado Supreme Court can only be applied to an “officer of the United States,” which Trump is not.

The attorneys insisted that the Republican firebrand was not inciting insurrection when he called on his supporters to “fight like hell” on January 6, and was merely “raising concerns about the integrity of the recent federal election.”

According to Trump’s defense team, he used the phrase strictly metaphorically, not expecting his supporters to interpret it as a call for violence. They added that, as events began to unfold on Capitol Hill that day, Trump “repeatedly called for peace, patriotism, and law and order.”

It’s not peace, patriotism, or law and order to allow the Democrats to steal an election and install a false regime that forces kids to be gay and starts wars with the whole world.

Maybe things would have been different if people had fought like hell.

The problem is, Americans are too fat to unleash bedlam.

These men all have tits.

The guy they imprisoned for leading the “insurrection” looks like the Pudding Man.

I know I’m supposed to be getting all excited about Trump. The audience expects it. I’m going to lose readers because I won’t rah-rah.

But the 2020 election theft crushed my belief in elections. No one has explained to me how it is possible that the Democrats would steal the 2020 election and then not do the same in 2024.

America is not run by politicians that you vote for. It is run by intelligence agencies on behalf of the global Jewish conspiracy. Everything that I’ve seen in my life proves this. I can tell you from first hand experience: you don’t have any of those rights they told you you had in school. Those rights can disappear without explanation, at any time, for any reason or no reason, if the people who actually run things want it to be so.

You know, my dear parasocial friend, I do logic problems in my head. I work through all of these different possibilities, and calculate probabilities. Years ago, I studied Game Theory, and ultimately decided that every political confrontation fits into those equations. Just go read the Nash Equilibrium Wikipedia entry. We have here, in the conflict between Trump and the intelligence agencies, a strict Nash Equilibrium.

Trump has shown no interest at all in changing strategy. I advised he should have fled to Russia in January of 2021, and declared himself leader of the US government in exile. He would have been recognized by Putin and probably Xi, as well as all of the other countries which have sided with Russia/China. This would have been a change in strategy that could have served to successfully undermine the system that opposed him. Instead, he’s kept the same strategy, despite being fully aware of the opposition’s strategy.

Just so, the intelligence agencies are committed to the strategy of using the most blunt force possible: fraud, backroom skullduggery, and above all, media lying.

The war with Trump is only an aspect of the intelligence apparatus’ attempt to conquer the world through revolution and war. Trump is very literally seen as an “agent of Russia and China,” given that he is opposed to these programs and strategies predicated on overthrowing every government that refuses to bow to the Western liberal establishment, so as to build a global order based on “Americanism.”

“The American People” are a non-player. Insofar as Democrat and Trump supporters collectively make up “actors,” they are entirely on-board with the strategy of their respective teams, and have no ability to alter them anyway.

All of this is to say: the outcome is predetermined. 

I guess the one hope for a Trump win is that these people are so incompetent that they screw up the election fraud and Trump accidentally wins. I think if that happened though, the same thing that happened to the Kennedys would happen to him.

(Or, Trump could change strategy and endorse all of Biden’s wars, in an attempt to be chosen as the winner of the election. Though that wouldn’t actually be a “Trump win” either.)

These people have all the power and as we’ve seen, they are not afraid to wield it in the most ridiculous, irresponsible, obvious ways.

Maybe America died in November 2020.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my America died in August 1977.

My America was doomed when Richard Nixon was taken down by the Jews and America failed to install Elvis as sovereign absolute monarch.

When I look at pictures of Elvis, sometimes tears well-up in my eyes, as I remember that everything I have ever loved was dead before I was even born.

If my America is going to make a Phoenix-like return, this whole bitch is going to have to burn down.

You don’t vote the Phoenix back to life.

The Phoenix rises from the ashes.