UK Buying Russian Oil Through India in Sanctions Loophole

So the purpose of the UK’s anti-Russia sanctions is not to punish Russia, per se, but rather to ensure that India gets cut into trade with Russia as a middle man.

Who’s the prime minister of the UK again?

I forget.


British consumers are indirectly buying Russian oil and petroleum products despite a Western embargo on crude exports from the sanctioned country, OilPrice reported on Monday, suggesting that the bulk of it may come from India.

A ban on Russian seaborne oil exports, along with a price cap of $60 per barrel, was introduced by the EU, G7 nations and Australia on December 5. Another embargo banning almost all imports of Russian oil products kicks in on February 5.

The UK, which has been among the most vocal advocates of abandoning Russian energy imports, has claimed to be one of the most successful countries in achieving this target. London committed to phasing out Russian oil by the end of 2022, slashing down imports to £2 million ($2.45 million) in October.

However, diesel accounted for 18% of its total demand last year, according to OilPrice, and a number of UK consumers may have replaced direct Russian imports with supplies from Russian-fed refineries.

The outlet suggests that the UK has been using India as a “back door,” given a sharp increase in the country’s imports of Russian oil, which hit a record high of 1.2 million barrels per day in December. Prior to last year, India’s imports of Russian crude were insignificant, due to high freight costs.

However, the volumes that New Delhi is now buying and re-exporting suggest that some of the refined crude from the sanctions-hit country may ultimately be pumped in UK filling stations.

It’s funny.

Russia definitely hasn’t really achieved all it might have on the battlefield – yet – but their economic achievements in response to these sanctions are just astounding.

They are successfully sending Europe into a great depression that will last at least a generation, while literally increasing their own economic output.

It would have made much more sense for the West to focus on the shooting war and not done this psycho economic war, the fallout of which is so extreme that no one can wrap their head around it.