UK: Climate Activists Angry as Rishi Plans to Stop Solar Panels from Ruining View

Soon enough, all of the Solar Panels will be Rishi.

The Guardian:

Rishi Sunak plans to restrict the installation of solar panels on swathes of British farmland, which climate campaigners say will raise bills and put the UK’s energy security at risk.

Last year, then prime minister Liz Truss attempted to block solar from most of England’s farmland. The plans were deeply controversial and unpopular, and were dropped when she left office.

However, solar panels in the countryside are disliked by many rural Conservative MPs, and the Observer can reveal that Sunak and environment secretary Thérèse Coffey have revived plans to put new restrictions on this form of cheap renewable energy.

This is the latest weakening of green policies before the general election, which started when the Conservatives won the Uxbridge byelection, a result widely attributed to anger at Labour mayor Sadiq Khan’s ultra low emissions zone.

Sunak recently announced that the 2030 phase-out of new petrol and diesel cars will be pushed back to 2035, as well as weakening the 2035 gas boiler phase-out, confirming it will apply to far fewer homes. The government also plans to scrap pollution rules for housebuilders in sensitive areas, where they are currently not able to add to sewage pollution without paying to improve nearby wetlands.

It has also faced criticism for its record on renewables, with its stance on onshore wind referred to by industry as an effective block, and the recent government renewable energy auction failing to sign up any offshore wind.

Sick, exhausted.

Always that way thinking about these women who want to destroy civilization because of a weather hoax.