UK: Flag-Burning Nationalists Released!

Daily Stormer
March 23, 2015

Out and none the worse for wear.
Out and none the worse for wear.

Following Saturday’s incredibly successful White Man March demo, wherein nine were arrested and five held, all have now been released.

Heritage and Destiny:

Well over a hundred nationalists representing several different groups united in Newcastle city centre on Saturday afternoon for the White Man March – asserting that the defence of our culture and our race is about far more than the EU-obsessed or Islam-obsessed agendas that have been so widely promoted.

While some groups such as the EDL seem proud to display Israeli flags – mocking the sacrifice of those British troops who died fighting against Zionist criminality and oppression more than 60 years ago – the White Man March signalled our rejection of that poisonous influence.

In doing so, demonstrators incurred the wrath of our politically correct police force: several arrests followed the burning of an Israeli flag – which is not a criminal offence in this country.

As police and their political masters struggled to conjure criminal charges, six nationalist comrades from England, Wales and Poland were detained overnight. The authorities released them (as they were legally obliged in the absence of a superintendent’s authority) after 24 hours.

They must report back to the police station on May 26th after further ‘enquiries’ – in fact meaning further political consultations to try to manufacture ‘criminal’ charges.

Here is the full video of the march, where you can see the evil acts of flag burning these devilish White Male Oppressors engaged in, insulting the innocent child-loving homos and blameless baby-killing Jews.

Here’s a good photo of the complete disrespect shown for the Jew lampshading.