UK: Judge Orders Sick Baby to be Taken Off Life Support Despite Italian Hospital Wanting to Treat Her

This story is sort of just depressing, but it shows that the state in the West is now claiming absolute power over life and death.

We see this with Canada bullying people into suicide as well.

It turns out, when the government destroys your religion, it’s because they want to be God.


A UK judge on Wednesday ordered doctors to end life support for Indi Gregory, the eight-month-old British girl with incurable mitochondrial disease whom the government of Premier Giorgia Meloni made an Italian citizen in a last-minute bid to fly her to a Roman children’s hospital before doctors pulled her plug, “not before 2pm local time” on Thursday.

The judge ruled that it is not in the child’s best interests to be transferred home either, and that the life-support treatment must be discontinued in the Nottingham hospital where she is currently or in a hospice.

A judge saw this and was like “DIE MUTHAFUKKA DIE MUTHAFUKKA DIE!”

Indi’s parents have said they will appeal against the decision, according to Jacopo Coghe, spokesperson for the Italian association Pro Vita & Famiglia onlus, and lawyer Simone Pillon, who are following developments from the Italian side.

On Monday Meloni said she would do everything possible to defend Indi’s life and “to defend the right of her mum and dad to do everything they can for her”.

A move to Italy would mean Indi could be kept alive through the support of machines.

For her case, the Vatican run Bambino Gesu’ children’s hospital in Rome had come forward and offered to assist her, as it had done in the past for two other British children, but in that case, too, British justice had said ‘no’.

Imagine that this issue even comes up at all.

Why was it in court in the first place?

Why would parents not simply be allowed to get on a plane with their baby and go to Italy?

How is it possible that the government has this level of authority?

Where do they get the authority?