UK: Non-Fat BBC Journalist Dies of Aneurysm at 32 (While Jogging – RETARD)

I’ve said for a long time that all joggers are going to get what they deserve when all of their joints are destroyed by the time they’re 50. Joggers have always been some of the stupidest people on earth.

But to go jogging after having been vaxed?

This is a level of retardation that is inconceivable.

Everyone knows: “If you’re vaxed, relax.”

Daily Caller:

A journalist for BBC Scotland died after suffering a brain aneurysm at the age of 32.

Nick Sheridan collapsed while jogging and had been placed in an induced coma by doctors, according to The Telegraph. He passed away Wednesday night, over a week after the collapse happened, while surrounded by his family, his friends said.

BBC Scotland head of news Gary Smith paid tribute to Sheridan in a statement released Thursday morning.

“He was a hugely talented journalist, presenter and author—and one of those rare people who light up the lives of everyone around them. Funny, clever, kind. A lovely man,” Smith said. “Our hearts go out to his parents, who have been with him over the past ten days, to his partner, Lewis, and to all the rest of his family and friends.”

First Minister Humza Yousaf honored him during his weekly question session in the Scottish Parliament.

“Nick was an extremely talented journalist and author. He will be greatly missed. Many of us in this chamber all have been questioned by Nick quite robustly, whether it was on BBC Drivetime or any of the other programs,” Yousaf said. “My thoughts are with his family, many friends and indeed his colleagues in what is undoubtedly a very sad time for them.”

Personally, I’m glad he’s dead. Journalists dying is always good, and I can’t wait for all of these vaxies to be dead.

When the vaxies really start dropping like flies, it’s going to drive down property prices, and create open living space. Cities will no longer be such crowded hellholes.

The BBC’s staff keeps dying suddenly