UK: University to Go Vegan After Fewer Than 3% of Students Vote for It

I could make a joke about democracy.

But it’s not really a joke: “democracy” means a small, gross minority forcing its will on the majority of normal people.


Tens of thousands of students from one of Britain’s top Russell Group universities will now be served vegan food after activists won a vote to ban all meat and dairy products.

Students at the University of Warwick supported a motion to ensure union-run catering outlets go vegan, three of which will be required to adopt the plant-based approach by 2027.

However, the decision, pushed through by campaign group Plant-Based Universities has sparked ‘beef’ as only around 2.7 per cent of the 28,600 students voted in favour.

Specifically, 774 students voted for a plant-based campus, with 516 students voting against it.

Only 52 per cent of the 1,472 students who voted wanted the change.

Concerning the turnout, Nathan McGovern the Plant-Based Universities Co-Founder told LBC: “Warwick’s move towards genuinely sustainable Students’ Union catering is a huge step forward, joining several other universities and local councils across the UK in doing so.

“We always encourage as many students as possible to use their votes and make their voices heard on campus, often finding larger-than-usual turnouts.

“In the case of Warwick the number of ‘yes’ votes more than doubled when compared to a similar 2022 motion.

“It is obvious this shift is part of a growing movement of people across all walks of life seeing the need to transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system.

I don’t think 2.7% sounds like a “growing movement.”

Yes, this is real