“Ukraine” Commander Says Main Offensive Reserve Not Mobilized Yet

Oh, so…

We’re doing another round?

Okay, yeah – let’s see it.


The Guardian:

The commander of Ukraine’s ground forces has confirmed for the first time that the main force of his offensive reserve is yet to be committed into battle with Russia, saying: “Everything is still ahead.”

In an exclusive interview from a military base in east Ukraine, Col Gen Oleksandr Syrskyi, spoke of the stresses and difficulties of the fight, with Moscow launching its own offensive efforts in recent days.

Oleksandr Syrskyi (left)

He said the Russian general staff had anticipated where Ukraine’s forces were at their most dangerous but issued a warning to the Kremlin that he was hunting down the lethal weakness in their lines.

Syrskyi, who led the Ukrainian defence of Kyiv last spring and shocked the world with a counteroffensive that liberated huge swathes of north-east Ukraine in the autumn, said the world had to be patient.

“Everyone wants to achieve a great victory instantly and at once,” he said. “And so do we. But we have to be prepared to have this process take some time because there are a lot of forces massed on each side, a lot of materiel, and a lot of engineered obstacles.

I want to say that our main force has not been engaged in fighting yet, and we are now searching, probing for weak places in the enemy defences. Everything is still ahead.”

I don’t know if I believe this at all.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

They sent hundreds of tanks and thousands of boys to get wiped out for no reason as the big show of their “counteroffensive.”

So, you know. I mean.

Bolton is saying it’s a military stalemate (see above).

He said we should keep paying for weapons, but that the counteroffensive seems to be failing.

No one who knows anything is saying anything good about the spring counteroffensive.

The goyim still get headlines saying Zelenskyites are closing in on Crimea.

I know I keep posting that headline over and over, but it really does show just what an outrage the US media actually is.

Every expert – including extremist terrorist Ukraine supporters like Bolton – are saying the Ukraine is getting blown out, and the media says they are on the verge of moving 200 miles into Russia and conquering some of the most strategic land in Russia.

It’s on par with “men who menstruate,” quite frankly.

I don’t appreciate it at all.