Ukraine: New Chernobyl-Like Disaster is a Possibility, Politician Warns

Never forget: the Ukrainians did Chernobyl.

Though as much as I like STALKER and other nuclear fallout related games and fiction… it’s a total myth. A nuclear power plant blowing up is not a big deal.


Ukraine’s outdated energy infrastructure could struggle to cope with the simultaneous firing of all its nuclear power plants at the same time, with the strain increasing the risk of dire consequences akin to the Soviet-era Chernobyl disaster, one of the Eastern European nation’s veteran politicians has warned.

Speaking on Ukrainian TV Channel ‘Nash’ on Monday, Gennady Moskal, the former head of both the Lugansk and Transcarpathian regions, poured scorn on state enterprise Energoatom’s recent decision to bring all of its 15 nuclear power units online simultaneously for the first time in history.

I pray we get through the heating season so we don’t get some kind of Chernobyl,” he said. “Don’t boast, dear people, God willing, Energoatom will survive.”

Moskal also advised fellow citizens to “go to church and light a candle in order to survive this winter, and that the power units do not go haywire with such consequences that were in Chernobyl,” referring to the explosion of Reactor 4 at the power plant on April 26, 1986.

The disaster, which has been described as the world’s worst nuclear accident, occurred during the Soviet era. Tens of thousands of people were displaced as a result of the incident and the government implemented a 30-kilometer-radius exclusion zone.

I don’t know what this even is.

Reads like fake news.

Probably some pre-programming to blame some crisis on Russia.