Ukrainian Peace Prize Democracy: Whip It – Whip It Good!

On Sunday, we posted an endless list of videos of Ukrainians taping Ukrainians to posts, pulling down their pants and whipping them.

No one really knows what’s going on in these situations, but it’s generally thought that these people are caught speaking Russian (which is somehow illegal in the Ukraine), or committing some other minor offense, and they’re being pilloried as a way for citizens to take out their aggression.

The latest whipping video shows a young man and woman – presumably a couple that got caught speaking Russian – taped to a tree with grandmas whipping them. The girl’s pants are pulled down, so presumably, men will come rape her while her husband is tied up inches away from her.

Try to imagine that. Man after man, all night long, coming to rape your wife while you’re taped inches away from her, forced to look at her face while it’s happening.

Sweet, sweet democracy – thy name is human rights.

If the screams of the woman and the howling of the old women with the whips makes you uncomfortable, you can turn the sound off and play this in the background:

After watching all of these videos, I’ve decided that this should be the new unofficial anthem of the Ukraine.

I think a lot of people will probably be very happy when the Russians come in and put an end to the mass hysteria of whipping-posting.

You combine that with the fact that Zelensky has opened the prisons and that armed criminal gangs are running wild through the city – I think it’s fair to say that yes, Russians will be greeted as liberators in Kiev, just as they are being greeted as liberators in Mariupol.

As I’ve said before: the average Ukrainian literally has no dog in this fight. They are poor people who definitely do not care about “human rights democracy” or any other vague neoliberal ideal that no one even understands.

Western-backed Ukraine is basically just a massive hostage operation at this point, with hostage takers who totally refuse to negotiate.