UN Agencies Denounce Jews for Attacking Hospitals, Killing Kids Recovering from Amputations

It’s all cartoonish now.

You bomb a children’s hospital full of children recovering from amputations resulting from your bombings?

Who can even think of doing something like that? No one but the Jews. The Jews are the only people on earth who do this.


I’m furious that children who are recovering from amputations in hospitals are then killed in those hospitals,” said James Elder, spokesperson for the U.N. children’s agency.

He added that the Nasser Hospital, the largest operational hospital left in the enclave where he spent time earlier this month, had been shelled twice in the past 48 hours. He said one of the victims was a 13-year-old amputee named Dina who survived a strike on her home that killed her family.

So where do children and families go? They’re not safe in hospitals, they’re not safe in shelters, and they’re certainly not safe in so-called safe zones,” he said.

Margaret Harris, World Health Organization spokesperson, described the situation in Gaza hospitals as “unconscionable”.

We’re all furious. The world is furious.

Why is the UN not calling for sanctioning and isolating Israel and the United States? Isn’t that very obviously necessary at this point?

The Jews have a special status, even among the people they call “antisemites” at the UN. If I were running the UN, you’d see antisemitism. I would call for a global blockade of both Israel and America.

This happened to Russia, remember? They were ejected from the global economy. Do you remember?

Russia figured it out, because they are a big country run by smart people. Israel could not do that.

But how can it be pure evil for Russia to have a border dispute with the Ukraine, and it be a minor issue for Jews to slaughter children for three months straight?