UN Falsely Claims “The Holocaust is Not a Myth”

The UN has apparently launched a campaign to inform people that the Holocaust actually happened.

This indicates that apparently, a lot of people don’t think the Holocaust happened.

I’m not sure how just telling people “believe you me – it happened alright” helps anything.

There are obviously a group of people who just believe anything the authorities say, but I’m pretty sure that’s a different group of people than those who deny the Holocaust.

By the way, just to be clear – there is no evidence that the alleged Holocaust happened, which is why it is illegal in most countries to ask for evidence of it.

There is evidence that Jews were sent to camps and that some of them died after the Allies committed a war crime and bombed supply lines.

But there is no evidence of homicidal gas chambers, and if you ask for evidence, all they do is freak out and say that you can’t ever question anything a Jew says because they’re God’s chosen people.

Relevant Reader Comment (BONUS CONTENT)

An astute reader noted:

All this endless, repetitive, shrill promotion and reminders of the myth of the six gorrilian amount to a tacit admission by jews and ZOG that they’re well aware the holohoax is a lie. Because if the holohoax did actually happen, there would be incontrovertible facts that speak for themselves and need no defending and laws reinforcing them the same as every other indisputable historical event. But the allegations Hitler gassed 6,000,000 jews to death with a delousing agent, in shower rooms with wooden doors, and then had the bodies cremated in four ovens to the tune of 15,000 a day, are quite controvertible.

For this reason, you’re never going to see a massive, never ending media-academia-govt blitz attempting to convince and coerce people into believing that the great depression happened, or the Rwandan genocide happened, or the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami happened. The facts speak for themselves.

Very astute indeed.

Is there any other historical event that requires an endless promotional campaign to assure people that it actually happened? Is there anything that even comes close to this?

The Jewish narratives about why people deny it are also confusing. They say “people deny it because they want it to happen again” and probably other dumb explanations. If I somehow found out that it did really happen – if the Nazis really used a serious amount of resources to mass murder their own concentration camp workforce in the middle of a massive war using the most ridiculous possible means – my question would then be: “why?”

The Jewish explanation, as we know, would be “for no reason.”