Unacceptable Development: Nick Fuentes Caught Moving in on Andrew Anglin’s E-Girlfriend Kathy Zhu

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2019

An unacceptable development has emerged which threatens to send shockwaves through Young Republican circles: rising Young Republican star Nick Fuentes has been photographed moving in on my online girlfriend, Kathy Zhu, during some kind of 1980s nostalgia festival in Miami over the weekend.

I guess the event was on a cruise ship, and Nick fought some Jewish financial criminal in an amateur boxing match for charity or something. Not totally sure, I missed that part.

What I didn’t miss is that he is moving right in on my e-GF.

Within this tweet you will notice a man in a blue shirt, creeping up from behind on my waifu.

That man is none other than the rising star of the Young Republicans, Nick Fuentes, who has hereby declared himself my internet sexual rival.

And I’m not the only one whose face got slapped with Nick’s gauntlet of sexual conquest.

Richard Spencer, a Twitter personality who some older folks may remember from 2017, is also up in arms about Nick’s aggressive moves on the internet waifu everyone thought was their own. In a Tweet, Spencer described himself as “pretty sad, man,” which I believe may be a reference to the “feels bad, man” meme, which you also may remember from 2017.

Kathy, baby.

Remember when we bonded over your book collection?

Sweet, sweet Kathy.

Don’t leave me for Nick the Knife.

His takes may be hot, but his lovin’ is ice cold.