United Airlines’ Boeing Plane Catches Fire Minutes After Takeoff

What the shit?

How does this keep happening?

Why don’t they just fire the women and blacks and apologize to the white men they ran off?

Is the entire company of Boeing really going to go down in flames because they want to prove a point about diversity?

New York Post:

A United Airlines’ Boeing plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas Monday just minutes into its flight after flames exploded from one of its jet engines.

Shocking video shows the bright orange sparks shooting several feet out from beneath the left wing of the airplane, just inches away from the passenger windows.

The intense flames were so hot that they appeared almost white against the night sky.

United Airlines Flight 1118 immediately returned just before 7 p.m. to George H. Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport, where it had taken off just minutes before.

The plane was only “approximately 15 minutes” into the two-hour trip to Fort Myers, Florida when the incident occurred, passenger Dorian D. Cerda, who filmed the jarring video, told Storyful.

People are going to start demanding Chinese planes.

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People were already afraid of flying. It’s the number one fear aside from public speaking, I think.

When Boeing jets are incapable of operating on a basic level, which now appears to be the situation, people are going to start refusing to get on them.

This is incredible.

You can’t just replace white men with women and blacks and expect that everything will not crash and burn.

The real world is not a liberal arts college.

Machines either work or they don’t. It’s an objective matter. It’s not open to interpretation. There is no critical theory of commercial jet maintenance.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.