Universities Want to Ban Anonymous Apps on Campuses to Sabotage Gaza Protests

A fat woman says these apps are a “toxic breeding ground for hate”

At first I was like “but what about the freedom of speech?”, but then I found out these apps are a toxic breeding ground for hate, and I was like “oh in that case, ban everything.”

The College Fix:

The University of North Carolina System plans to ban anonymous social media apps across its 16 campuses, arguing the technology companies have a “reckless disregard” for students’ wellbeing.

Other universities are considering similar bans, prompting concerns from free speech advocates.

UNC System President Peter Hans announced the plan in a two page statement to the UNC Board of Governors earlier this semester. Hans said social media apps are the modern equivalent of “scrawling cruel rumors on the bathroom wall,” and the most destructive ones will be blocked by the UNC System infrastructure.

Peter Hans

His statement did not include a timeline for the social media block. The College Fix reached out to UNC three times via email and phone call for comment in the past two weeks, but the university did not respond.

“We’re targeting a handful of smaller, hyper-local platforms that have shown reckless disregard for the wellbeing of young people and an outright indifference to bullying and bad behavior,” Hans said in his statement.

The specific apps that will be restricted include YikYak, Sidechat, Fizz, and Whisper. Hans said these “feature jokes and memes but also turn a blind eye to everything from sexual harassment and racial insults to drug dealing.”

Is this really about feminism and racism, yet again?

It’s not about Jews?

These apps were made specifically for college students to connect based on their university campus, current location, or interests. Users can anonymously share memes, jokes, photos and more, but they are really a platform for students to communicate with each other, no holds barred.

Fizz’s description on the app store boasts, “Say what you want, when you want, and maintain full control over your anonymity.”

A spokesperson for The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, which works to defend free speech rights on college campuses, said these apps can be safe outlets for students who feel like they can’t talk about certain things on campus.

Many students do feel a need to self-censor, according to the foundation’s 2024 College Free Speech report, which surveyed more than 55,000 students.

According to the survey, more than half worry about their reputation being damaged because of someone misunderstanding what they said, and one in four say they self-censor “often” in discussions with professors and other students.

In his statement, UNC’s president Hans acknowledged the social media block will only exist within the system’s Wi-Fi, leaving students to likely continue using the apps on their own data plans and effectively making the restriction pointless.

Yeah, that is pointless.

It’s just another chip at the freedom of speech, however, as we move into a world where you’re just not allowed to say anything.

It is totally sickening that the Republicans are supporting this shutdown on speech. They supported speech against Democrats, blacks, trannies, and so on, but now demand anyone who talks about the power behind the throne be censored.

Republicans supporting the Jews is the most bizarre thing in the world. Jews are directly responsible for every single thing they complain about. Further, most Republicans are ostensibly Christian, and the Jews killed Jesus and have been sanctioned by the Christian religion for thousands of years.