Update: Current Status of Tucker Carlson’s Theoretical Putin Interview

I’m very unhappy with Tucker Carlson’s claims that a man putting one or even two fists into another man’s anus is a form of “love.” I do not like that he claims that Biblical angels were actually space aliens. I don’t like that he promotes neocon gibberish on the China situation, despite knowing personally both Colonel MacGregor and Vivek Ramaswamy, who could explain the situation to him if he asked.

That said: he wasn’t kicked off of Fox News because he said things I disagree with, but rather because he said things I agree with.

I am not fundamentally opposed to him being the one to interview Putin. If it came down to it, I would probably prefer Russell Brand do the interview, but that now seems impossible.

Once again, I am in disagreement with Peskov. I think this interview should happen today. It should have happened yesterday.


The Western public is so inundated with “Russia-hating propaganda” that an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin would not be received “soberly,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday. Peskov did not rule out an interview between Putin and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Every day we receive dozens of requests from international media, including American ones, asking President Putin to give an interview,” Peskov told reporters. 

“We believe that the moment will definitely come when such an interview is required,” Peskov continued, noting that “at the moment, when in one way or another the public is seriously stupefied by Russia-hating propaganda, it is unlikely that anyone is now able to soberly perceive Putin’s analysis of the situation or his vision of the future. But we are convinced that sooner or later such a moment will come.”

Last week, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson told Swiss publication Die Weltwoche that he had attempted to set up an interview with Putin, but was prevented by the White House. Carlson, an influential conservative and critic of US President Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy, did not explain when the interview was to take place or how exactly the government intervened.

Carlson claimed in 2021 that he was working on scheduling an interview with Putin, prompting the US National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor his phone and leak his emails. The NSA denied targeting Carlson, but did not comment on whether it was surveilling his Russian contacts, which would have also resulted in his emails being collected.

Peskov did not comment on Carlson’s claims. Asked whether the Russian president would consider an interview with the American journalist, he replied “we’ll wait and see.”

I’m not against Peskov, and he’s right more than he’s wrong. But this issue of America is confusing to all Russians. Maybe confusion is not the right word, because they have a definite view, it’s just that this view is wrong.

If Americans had fair exposure to Putin – which, for all his faults, Tucker Carlson would (I assume) deliver, you would have conservatives flying Russian flags.

People can argue about the veracity of the narrative, but the Putin narrative is that the West is satanic and he is defending Christendom. I don’t want to argue about the veracity of that narrative, because it is obviously true in an idealist, absolute sense. Putin is the Platonic form of a white Christian leader, while the US government as represented by the Democrat Party is openly satanic.

The religious language has been a huge part of the Russian approach to the conflict with the West, and Americans will see Putin and compare him, a white Christian, to the brown masses in our country, and recognize that he is more similar to them than most of these people currently claiming to be Americans.

Personally, America is a distant third on my list of priorities. I am a Christian first, I am a European second, and I am American after that. America is my birthplace, they speak my language, I prefer the company of Americans (or British or Australians), but that is the extent of it. As a Christian, I would side with an African Christian over an American atheist, and as a European, I would side with Russia over the genetic cesspit of America.

American patriotism has not made sense for a long time, and it has now become a form of idolatry. What does the flag mean? Internationally, it means war, consumerism, and gay sex, but that is of course not relative to what it means to Americans. When it comes to conservative Christian Americans, I think the flag still means “our home, our God, and our family” on some level (this is obviously what a flag is supposed to mean). Trump certainly invigorated that sense of patriotism.

However, I think we are moving into a time where there is such a divide in America, that Americans would be more than capable of seeing that Putin is more like them than Joe Biden is. And even if Americans are not ready for that level of awareness, they are at least capable of being sympathetic.

An interview between Tucker and Putin would result in more backlash against the Republicans like Kevin McCarthy who have gone around with Ukraine flags.

McCarthy is saying “I want to force Russian kids to be trannies.” He can dress that up in moronic language about “democracy freedom values,” but that is what it means when an American wears a Ukrainian flag – it’s about gay sex with kids.

I don’t know if Kevin McCarthy is a homosexual child molester, or if he simply promotes it for money. But that is not really an important distinction in the scheme of things.

He’s a disaster for America. Really, he and McConnell – another Ukraine/global anal extremist with an ambiguous personal sexuality – are the top villains of the continent, and there needs to be more hostility to them.

There is also clearly an understanding now (though it took more than a year) that this is definitely a “Democrat war.”

I imagine that there is some desire by Republicans to back the other side, they just have no exposure to Russians or Putin due to the way the media is locked down (and, frankly, due to the fact that Putin is yet to do this interview in question).

Republican voters, no matter how deluded they may be, would be open to Putin’s message. Democrats will never be, ever, because they hate white people and Jesus. This claim by Peskov that Americans are not ready to hear Putin simply does not make sense. Half of Americans will never be ready, the other half have always been ready.

It’s not really relevant, but some portion of blacks would watch the interview and say “he just be saying, they be fucking with him over there, they be trying to get they people and keep they shit on lock.”