US General Mark Milley Tells Russia to Surrender, Boasts of NATO’s Power

Mark Milley, an odious and anally oriented individual who runs the US Military, threatened a war with Russia again this week.

He basically said that if Russia didn’t stop moving their military around inside their own borders, he would attack their country with the power of NATO, which he likened to the alleged “Power of Grayskull” possessed by the famous warrior He-Man.

Unfortunately, the US military and NATO are both gayer than an $8 bill, and it’s unclear that they possess the Power of Grayskull.

Russia has thus far not threatened a war with anyone.

The West threatens war at least three times a week.

Mark Milley, who is a sadistic homosexual like something from Silence of the Lambs, is the guy who ran the Afghan surrender.

He has also stated that he spends most of his time studying the threat of American white supremacy.

If I was going to go to war with Russia, he’s not the guy I would have running it.

ZOG has a serious human resources problem, because intelligence is correlated with morality, and moral people don’t want to serve ZOG, so they therefore cannot recruit intelligent people.