US Military Conducts Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq Over Death of Merc

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2019

Difficult spot we’re in here, friends. Because the troops haven’t been pulled out, we’re in a hair-trigger situation here with Iran. It’s only a matter of time before soldiers start dying in Iraq and Iran gets blamed for it.

This time, it was just a private contractor. The next time? We’ll have to see.


The US has conducted strikes against militia bases in Iraq and Syria following the death of a US contractor.

The US confirmed the strikes targeted weapon storage facilities along with command and control locations belonging to Kataib Hezbollah.

It is considered a terrorist organisation by the US.

Yeah, but that doesn’t really mean much nowadays, does it? How soon before we’re declared terrorists by the US government for liking Jesus and being White? Luckily, the POTUS is on the case.

We’re monitoring the situation.

One contractor was killed, several US troops and Iraqi personnel were wounded in a rocket attack on a base in Kirkuk on 27 December.

The strikes in Iraq were close to the western Qaim district, close to the border with Syria, according to Reuters news agency.

President Assad warned about this. He said that the US presence in Syria would trigger a guerrilla movement and local resistance to the occupation. Maybe it was indeed Hezbollah that was responsible for the attacks, but then again, maybe it wasn’t. We do know that the playbook going forward is to try and trigger a war between the US and Iran.

The preferred method is emerging. It is clear that Hezbollah is going to be blamed for dead Americans and that this will somehow be used as justification for escalation with Iran.

The Trump administration has alleged that the Quds Force is “Iran’s primary mechanism for cultivating and supporting” US-designated terrorist groups across the Middle East – including Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement and Palestinian Islamic Jihad – by providing funding, training, weapons and equipment.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iranian-backed forces for a series of attacks in Iraq.

He warned Iran that any attacks by the country or its proxies that harmed the US or allies would be “answered with a decisive US response”. 

Yeah well, Donald Trump has resisted war with Iran so far.

No one wants to be the president who started the war that finally caused the US to crack right open because of the fallout.

But if Trump was playing 5D chess… he would be seriously considering starting a war with Iran to trigger a conservative counter-reaction in the wake of the unexpected US loss.

Nowadays, when people ask me if I’m pro-war with Iran, I just give them the old 10-4. 

The US would lose the war with Iran and as a result, the Israel question would simply become impossible to ignore going forward if conservatives actually began asking questions about why there was even a war with Iran in the first place. We’re very close to the complete destruction of the aura of invincibility around the US military. The US golem has to be stopped once and for all for the rest of the world to be free of the occupation.

Thank God the Iranians are volunteering to do the heavy-lifting here.