US Navy to Retain Underperforming Sailors Amid Recruitment Struggles

Meanwhile: US Army Investigates Sadomasochist “Pup Kink” Furry Officers

No one wants to join the military and fight for the rainbow flag.

The people who used to join – white Southern boys, primarily – have no interest in being the global enforcers of double anal fisting, while the sickening people doing the fisting are never going to want to join any military (other than uniform night at the BDSM club).

It’s a quandary for the Jews.


Recruitment struggles and staffing shortfalls have prompted the US Navy to suspend its so-called “up-or-out” policy of discharging veteran service members who haven’t performed well enough to get promoted.

The Navy will instead retain under-performers to reduce its number of “gaps-at-sea,” meaning unfilled jobs on deployed vessels, according to a statement on Thursday by the chief of naval operations in Washington.

Sailors were previously forced to leave active duty and transfer to the Naval Reserve if they didn’t advance to a high enough rank within a certain time period, called “high-year tenure.” The two-year pilot program will affect about 1,600 service members who otherwise might have been pushed out.

The Navy reportedly has about 9,000 gaps-at-sea, reflecting recruitment struggles in all branches of the US military. The US Army, for example, fell 25% short of its intake goal, enlisting 15,000 fewer new troops than targeted. The Navy had a similar shortfall in recruits for its reserve force.

We all know where this is going.

There is going to have to be a draft.

But that presents its own problems – a lot of non-faggots are going to refuse to go fight for the Great Satan and their global fisting agenda, and the faggots they conscript are going to be totally useless.

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