US to Inflict “Very Sharp Pain Very Fast” on Russia, Deranged Government Woman Says

It’s really amazing that Victoria Nuland is apparently running US Russia war policy.

This is the woman who joined the State Department under Bill Clinton and ran the Ukrainian coup for the State Department in 2014. She is literally the wife of Robert Kagan, a Reagan administration speechwriter for Secretary of State George Schultz (a man “instrumental in freedom for Soviet Jewry”), co-founder of the Project for a New American Century with William Kristol, and among the top neocon architects of the wars in the Middle East.

Tucker Carlson, talking about the fact that parts of the media are now calling for Liz Cheney to be Joe Biden’s new running mate in 2024, while others are calling for Hillary Clinton to replace Joe Biden as president in the 2024 election, likened the situation in Washington to a 90s sitcom reunion.

It’s just wacky the way the same group of people have been running the government for decades on end, running it into the ground, and Americans just sit here gawking.

It’s not wacky now, in the Age of the Virus, when nothing can be described as wacky. But imagine when this started in 2014, and it was a matter of public record that the revolution in the Ukraine was run by State Department members deeply linked to the endless wars in the Middle East, and no one blinked.


The US has some 18 “different scenarios” up its sleeve to react to Moscow invading its neighbor, Victoria Nuland has said, promising to inflict “sharp pain” on Russia should it make such a move.

Nuland, who currently serves as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Joe Biden administration, made a thinly-veiled threat against Moscow in an interview with the Financial Times published on Saturday.

I’m not going to preview 18 different scenarios . . . I would simply say that our commitment and the conversation that we have with our allies is around inflicting very sharp pain very fast, if Russia makes this move in any form,” Nuland said.

Western media, as well as multiple US officials have repeatedly warned of a supposedly imminent “invasion” of Ukraine by Russia over the past few months. Washington and its allies have cited the movement of Russian troops within the country’s own territory in the relative vicinity of its border with Ukraine as ‘proof’ of such plans. Moscow has consistently denied allegations that it was about to invade its neighbor, insisting it was in its right to carry out military maneuvers within its borders as it pleases.

Nuland failed to specify any of the multiple scenarios she hinted at in the interview. At the same time, the official said the US was still open to dialog with Moscow, while revealing that Washington has been working on a written response to the comprehensive security deal draft proposed by Moscow.

We want to keep talking,” Nuland said. “We believe that it needs to be done on the basis of reciprocity — namely, they’re going to have grievances but we have concerns, too.”

These are not smart people.

But if anyone has the will to push the button and kick start a serious conflict with Russia, it is Victoria Nuland.