Vaccine Enthusiasm: More Americans Than Ever Before Plan to Get Common Flu Shot This Season

The brainwashing appears to be working. On the one hand you have the CDC saying that influenza is virtually gone, and on the other hand you have Americans expressing their desire to get their flu shot.

Because vaccines are intrinsically good, right? Can’t have too many of them, even if they’re unnecessary.

Study Finds:

The COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only injection on many Americans’ minds lately. According to a new national survey from the University of Georgia, one in two adults is also preparing themselves for this year’s flu season as well.

The research, surveying over 1,000 adults, finds more Americans than ever before either already have or plan on getting their flu shot for the 2020-2021 season.

Among that group, 43.5 percent have already gotten their flu shot. Another 13.5 percent say they will “definitely” get one soon and 9.3 percent say they will “probably” get the vaccine. That works out to 66.3 percent of the poll signing up for the annual influenza shot.

For comparison, data from the CDC during the 2019-2020 flu season finds about 48.4 percent of U.S. adults received a flu vaccination. That was still a 3.1 percent increase over the 2018-2019 season however.

Our survey shows that most Americans have or planned to act on the advice to get a flu vaccination this season,” says study leader Professor Glen Nowak, director of UGA’s Center for Health and Risk Communication, in a university release. “Further, these results strongly suggest the U.S. will be crossing an important threshold this flu season, which is over half of U.S. adults getting a flu vaccination.”

Notably, the survey also indicates that much of the added interest in the flu vaccine this year is coming from people over the age of 60. A total of 61.5 percent of respondents over 60 said they had already received their flu shot in December 2020. Another 12 percent plan to “definitely get it” and 5.8 percent will “probably get it.”

Diving into different demographics a bit further, 48 percent of white respondents already got their flu vaccine by the end of 2020. Just 35.1 percent of Hispanic respondents and 30.1 percent of Black respondents said the same. Also, Americans with a college education or those making an annual household income of over $75,000 were more likely to already be vaccinated.

These people want an easy fix, pill, or vaccine to make them feel like they’ve taken care of their health. They want an easy way out of their decades of high fructose, high trans-fat goyfeed.

Most coronavirus hospitalizations are people with obesity, diabetes, or some kind of heart problem.

If we care about people’s health, how about we stop talking about forcing people to wear masks and stay home, and start talking about forcing people to eat healthy and lose excess body fat?