Vegan Terrorist Pleads Guilty to Arson After Attacks on Animal Processing Plants

So this guy is an… Islamic vegan?

How funny is this?

The Islamic guy joins veganism, and he’s like “hey guys, you know how we could promote veganism? Terrorism.”

New York Post:

An environmentalist saboteur pleaded guilty to his role in a pair of arson attacks on animal-processing facilities years ago — as a part of a domestic terrorism ring known as “the Family,” federal prosecutors said.

Joseph Mahmoud Dibee admitted to working with at least 15 others as members of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front to destroy the Cavel West Meat Packing Plant in Oregon in 1997, as well as a government-run wild horse facility in California in 2001, according to the Department of Justice.

Dibee, who was indicted more than 15 years ago for his role in the attacks, pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiracy to commit arson and arson charges.

“The conspirators, together known as ‘the Family,’ were ultimately linked to more than 40 criminal acts between 1995 and 2001 and caused more than $45 million in damages,” the DOJ said in a press release.

Federal authorities said Dibee, 53, who spent years on the lam following his 2006 indictment, is an “environmental extremist, arsonist and former fugitive.”

In 2018, Dibee was arrested in Cuba before he boarded a flight for Russia on an Interpol Red Notice, according to the DOJ and reports.

In the late 1990s, Dibee and his co-conspirators used “incendiary devices” to destroy an Oregon commercial slaughterhouse and meatpacking facility, according to the news release. In 2001, Dibee and others “attempted to destroy” a government-owned wild horse corral in California, according to the DOJ.

Leading up to and during the attacks, Dibee and fellow environmental extremists “held meetings to plan arsons of targeted sites, conducted research and surveillance of the sites and discussed their planned actions using code words and code names” according to the feds.

The conspirators designed and constructed destructive devices which functioned as incendiary bombs to ignite fires and destroy targeted sites,” the news release read.

Dibee faces 87 months in federal prison at his sentencing on July 27 in Oregon.

That’s not really a lot of time for multiple arson attacks.

But this makes us wonder about the ongoing situation of food facilities being attacked now, no?

What’s going on with that?

Honestly, I’ve been following it, but I haven’t really known what to say, other than to point at it. I don’t have a conspiracy theory that I feel comfortable promoting.

But it seems unlikely it’s all a big coincidence.