Vivek’s Platform is Better Than Trump’s

Vivek Ramaswamy, an Indian guy who is presently polling third in the Republican primary at 6%, is running on a much better platform than Donald Trump.

Above is a longform interview Vivek did with Russell Brand, and it gives a good general impression of what he’s presenting.

Among other pleasant things, when asked if he would pardon Trump, he said yes, and he’d also pardon Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Dread Pirate Roberts, and Ricky Vaughn. He said “absolute free speech,” and outlined that exactly as I would outline it.

DeSantis was saying he’s “Trump Lite.” I don’t know if he’s still saying that. I don’t pay much attention to what Ron DeSantis is saying, but he recently said Joe Biden got 81 million votes and won the 2020 election outright.

I initially thought that Vivek was pushing, like many, for a war with the Chinese, based on some statements I heard from him, as well as his close association with Tucker Carlson (and the fact that he’s Indian). Having reviewed what he is saying, I no longer think that is the case, and he is in fact talking (like Trump does) about economic competition with China, which is fine and reasonable.

As far as the fact that he’s not even American – my response to that is always the same: “neither are the people running America now.” America is run by the Jews. I do wince a little bit when Vivek says “Our Founding Fathers,” but it would be a bit off-putting (though more appropriate) if during interviews with Americans, he said “your Founding Fathers.”

Anyway, as I’ve said: there is very little life left in the white race, at least outside of Russia, so the idea of a different group of foreigners ruling over us doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I would prefer to be ruled by Indians, the Chinese, Mexican drug cartels, the Taliban, North Korean communists, or Peruvian mountain people. The argument from morons is always “but it should be whites!” and it’s like “yeah, bro – everyone gets that. It’s also not the reality we are dealing with, so it’s a totally irrelevant point.”

For the record, it somewhat blunts the offensiveness that he’s a foreigner that he’s married to someone from his own country. (If he was married to a white woman, that would create a visceral disgust factor that would be difficult to overcome – I think we all kind of knew the show was over when Kanye married a grimy white bitch.)

A nice, natural pairing of the sort God intended.

According to what I’ve read, they are still practicing Hinduism (which again points to the ridiculousness of this whole “nation of ideas” bit). He does, however, refer to “Our God,” which suggests he may have converted to Catholicism like fellow Ohioan JD Vance and his Indian wife.

All this having been said, I’m not going to endorse Vivek. At least not yet. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect that he could win the nomination, and especially considering the election is going to be fake anyway, I think the nominee should be Trump. Further, I don’t have any particular reason to believe that Vivek is not just another Jewish shill. I mean, he did go to Yale – let’s not forget to mention that. I simply feel a need to point out that as an absolute matter of fact his platform is much better than Trump’s. It’s better articulated, but it is also just generally better.

As an example, Vivek has said everyone should be unbanned from Twitter, regardless of what they’ve said, and named Nick Fuentes. Donald Trump has never said outright that there should be a law preventing social media giants from violating the First Amendment. That’s not really a hard thing to say. It’s not a matter of poor articulation. Trump could easily say “the government should force social media companies to honor the First Amendment in an absolutist manner.” He’s also not listed off all the people he’s going to pardon. Furthermore, Trump was already president, and a lot of it was a mess.

Trump’s platform is not really even clear, currently. Mostly, he’s just whining about being persecuted. This happened to me when I was banned from everything in 2017, and one of my confidants – two of them, actually – took me aside and said “look, bro – it’s obviously not fair, but you can’t just keep going out and whining about your rights being violated. It’s not a good look.” Trump apparently doesn’t have any confidants, or someone would be telling him to easy up on this whining. Everyone gets it. He needs to focus on a positive and pro-active message. I think “you prosecuted me, so I’m gonna prosecute you” – something he’s been shifting too more recently – should be the extent of the discussion. He doesn’t need to do 90-minute monologues about how much he is being persecuted and how unfair it is. Frankly, this is a “what did you think was going to happen, bro?” type situation anyway. That’s something I had to accept as well – there was no way that with what I am saying, if I ever got popular, there were not going to be extreme consequences. I got very popular, and I faced the consequences. It’s a “buy the ticket, take the ride” type situation, in fact.

Vivek is an interesting element in the election, because he’s “non-establishment,” meaning he is not competition for DeSantis but for Trump. I don’t really think he’s running to win anyway, so I very seriously doubt he’s going to go on the attack against Trump in any major way, as that would alienate the people he is trying to appeal to, but he might force Trump to go harder on some of this stuff. I also think he’ll be a hatchet man for Trump in the debates, and go after DeSantis.

After DeSantis made those statements claiming that the 2020 election was totally legit, I’m pretty well convinced he is not even going to remain the establishment pick. I don’t think anyone had any idea how unlikeable and just generally low competence he is. I certainly bought into the hype, on some level, that he was running Florida in an ultra-competent way. I still think his administration is doing very well in Florida (even though he’s not done anything most other red state governors haven’t done), but his inability to use basic strategy in this election is staggering to me.

I really thought DeSantis would take a path similar to Vivek, and say “look, I love Trump, I support Trump, he was a great president, he created a great movement, and I want to build on what he did. But I’m the better pick because I can serve two terms, I’m younger, and I don’t have the baggage of an extreme, polarizing personality, or any of these legal problems.” This is so obviously what he should have done that it is truly jaw-dropping to see him say “yeah, Joe Biden – 81 million – it’s all real.”

Seriously, when I heard it, I made this face:

As I said when he said the “Biden won” thing, if he wanted to be extremely conservative, he could have stuck to “look, a lot of reasonable people have reasonable questions about the 2020 election, and particularly about the mail-in ballots, and therefore when I’m president, I’m going to appoint a commission to investigate these perceived irregularities.” That doesn’t get him the “election denier” label, but it signals to the GOP base that he’s clued in.

Vivek says outright the election was stolen, which DeSantis could also do, but if I were advising him, I’d advise he take the “it needs to be investigated” line. I am having a really hard time believing that there is any single advisor on earth who would tell him to say “it’s all real – 81 million,” unless they were purposefully trying to sabotage him. It’s just really something I never expected.

The kind of person who would make that blunder is the kind of person who is going to be completely destroyed in these debates. Remember that this stupid asshole came out and said the Ukraine war was “a border dispute” (true), and then a few hours later flip-flopped and said Putin is evil and literally did the John McCain thing that Russia is “a gas station parading as a country” (Dostoyevsky was a gas station attendant, you see).

But there is going to have to be an establishment candidate in the primaries, because there is a percentage of people who want that. I think, quite frankly, it’s likely to be the black guy. The same people who say “Trump is just too darn uncivilized” love the idea of a fully domesticated house nigger who “believes in our values.”

It’s also possible that there are some people who don’t want Trump for other reasons, and when DeSantis’ support collapses, Vivek’s will go up a bit. I think he’ll probably stick around for a while, and then eventually endorse Trump. If you ended up in a three-way situation with Trump, Vivek, and some establishment figure (DeSantis or otherwise),which is clearly the most likely outcome, I think Vivek would eventually bow out, endorse Trump, and in theory push for Secretary of State or whatever (although I also think Vivek knows there is zero chance any Republican is going to win – he’s 38 and tapped in, and there are no actual adults who believe that it is possible to have a real election in 2024).

Obligatory Disclaimer

I’m writing about the 2024 election because it’s newsworthy, and because I think it does have a huge effect on culture. I always need to make it clear, however, that there is zero chance the Democrats are going to give up power. The only scenario where that is possible is one in which DeSantis is the nominee, and some really powerful people start making moves to ensure he gets elected, because they prefer him as the war candidate.

No one other than Trump (and Vivek, actually) are a threat to “the system” in a general sense, and powerful people are not bothered by the idea of a Trump win. Under normal circumstances, if someone other than Trump (or Vivek) was the nominee, the election would just go normally. There are actually obvious benefits to the system in DeSantis taking over – aside from the war thing, it would also cause normal Americans to cool their jets a bit, which would be good for the powerful.

But there isn’t really an overwhelming conspiracy that makes every single decision, and I just think that because the Democrats are in power, and now have the mechanism for election fraud, and are so ruthless, the party itself will not willingly give up power. If there was really an Illuminati, they would probably move things around to put DeSantis in office, but there isn’t an Illuminati, so it seems very unlikely that even an establishment Republican could win. Again, I think there are powerful people (Jews, quite frankly) who could pull some strings and make it happen, basically by flaying Joe Biden with all of this corruption stuff, then having CNN/NYT/et al. report over “fears that mail-in ballot voting could lead to fraud.”

As you know: I don’t make predictions, because I do not have insider knowledge and I am not a wizard. I speculate about possibilities based on the information we all have access to. Right now, it looks pretty certain that Trump is going to win the nomination, then have the election stolen, then probably go to prison forever (or maybe, when it’s clear the election has been stolen, cut a deal to stay out of prison by going away forever and not talking about it anymore).

I had previously speculated that DeSantis had a real chance to use Trump’s weaknesses against him, to be propped up by the media, and to overcome him in the primaries, but it’s obvious now, given this new view we have of DeSantis and his abilities, that this is pretty well totally impossible.

If Trump is somehow taken out – if they are able to use one of these lawsuits to stop him from running (which currently seems very unlikely), then a lot of his support will go to Vivek, after people have seen him in the debates. Vivek is capable of being very well-liked by the Trump base, and almost certainly not stupid enough to act like a retard and attack him. In this case, you’d have a race between Vivek and the black guy, maybe? That would certainly be bizarre. The black guy would probably win, I guess. Or, if DeSantis is still in the game at that point, I think DeSantis would beat Vivek. But this is a very far outside scenario, given that it really doesn’t seem like Trump can be prevented from running.

It is very likely, however, that DeSantis ends up like Jeb Bush after the first debate. He’s made his weaknesses very public, and both Trump and Vivek are going to bash him.

Again, I do recommend the interview at the top. Somehow, Russell Brand has become a great interviewer. Vivek is going to play a key role in these events, it seems, so if you’re interested in the election, it’s important to know what’s going on with him.