Was Trump Stabbed in the Back by Pfizer’s Jew CEO?

Pfizer announced its coronavirus vaccine this week, just after the election had been called for Joe Biden.

Don Trump Jr. and Sr. both noted the suspiciousness of this timing.

Trump had obviously hoped the announcement of a vaccine would give him a fillip in the election.

But he suspected it would come too late.

Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, had originally said he expected to have a “conclusive readout” on the results of the vaccine by the end of October. But somehow the schedule slipped to just past the day on which the election was called for Joe Biden. If Trump had genuinely expected to be stabbed in the back, it may have been because he knew the Pfizer CEO was a Jew.

Bourla’s Jewishness was publicly exposed this week when he declared he was “proud of his Jewish ancestry” in a phone call with Netanyahu.

A newspaper in his “native” Greece also attacked him.

Jewish Chronicle:

A Greek newspaper likened the Greek Jewish chief executive of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to Nazi war criminal Dr Josef Mengele on its front page earlier this week.

In an accompanying article, Makeleio claimed to readers that Albert Bourla – a Jew originating from Thessaloniki – would “stick the needle” into them, describing Pzifer’s coronavirus vaccine as “poison”. 

On Thursday, the paper doubled down on the criticism of Mr Bourla. It repeated the accusations, with a headline claiming that the “Greek Jew” had “trousered millions” on behalf of the “Israeli Council.”

“Terror countdown for the mandatory vaccine,” the paper had written on Tuesday.

Of course the Jews are now trying to have this newspaper shut down.

In a statement on Thursday, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) said: “The identification of the CEO of Pfizer with Mengele, the so-called butcher of Auschwitz, is an appalling and unethical assault against Albert Bourla only because he is a Jew.”

They described the front page as “nothing but a clear incitement to violence against the Jews”, adding it “overwhelms us with outrage and repulsion, as its content perpetuates hatred and bigotry against the Jews and it becomes — once more — the carrier of the most hideous antisemitic propaganda.”

The Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs also condemned the paper, describing the sentiments as the “the most vile antisemitism which brings in mind the Medieval period when Jews were accused for every disaster, illness or defeat. At that time the road to Auschwitz begun”.

Only last week, Makeleio was ordered by a court to pay a fine of around £1,600 after it ruled the paper’s publisher had defamed the Greek Jewish leader Minos Moissis.

Stefanos Chios is said to have described Mr Moissis as a “crude Jew who runs a loan-shark firm that has bought the debts of poor Greeks.”

The terror countdown for the mandatory Jew vaccine has begun.