Watch: Army of Darkness Steals from Apple, Foot Locker, Lululemon in Latest Philadelphia Loot Fest

See: Lying Jew Media Claims Retailers Lying About Impact of Roving Bands of Negro Youth

Black people understand one simple fact: we do not live in a society, so there are no obligations to the society.

Maybe they understand that fact for all the wrong reasons, but they act on it.

If white people stopped believing in the banished spook that is society, you would start seeing some serious shit.

However, what we’ve seen so far from whites is that they will continue to believe that increasingly anti-social norms are capable of forming the structure of a society, i.e., “our society is based on gay sex with children.”

I have asserted as an absolute matter that there is no such concept as an “anti-social society,” and therefore we do not live in a society, and therefore there is no reason not to act like black people.

New York Post:

A group of young looters created havoc in Philadelphia Tuesday night, stealing from several stores in a spree that is unrelated to earlier peaceful protests over a judge’s decision to drop charges against a cop who fatally shot Eddie Irizarry, police said.

The unruly crowd outnumbered responding officers as they went store to store in Center City — lifting merchandise and stuffing the loot in large plastic bags, CBS Philadelphia reported.

The shoplifters hit a Foot Locker and Apple store near 15th and Chestnut Streets as well as a Lululemon in Rittenhouse Square and are accused of assaulting a security guard at the shoe store, according to the local station.

At least 15 people were arrested in connection to the frenzied mass-shoplifting event, according to ABC7.

The looting has no connection to the demonstrations held earlier in the day over the dismissal of charges in the Irizarry case, multiple Philadelphia police commanders told the outlet.

Probably, you would never, under any circumstance, see whites acting like this.

During the collapse of the USSR, you had Slavs, who are probably the least “domesticated” of the whites, facing a civilizational crisis. Though you had an increase in violence and general lawlessness, it never came anywhere close to what blacks will do as soon as you slightly dial back policing.

So, I’m not telling whites to do looting.

What I’m telling whites is this: stop pretending you live in a society, and that you owe someone something.

If you live in a rural area with a community, then that is going to be something unique. But even there, your social obligations are limited to the community, and do not extent to the national, let alone international, level.

You have a duty before God to be moral. But that’s all.