Watch: Barack Obama Makes Yet Another Call to End the First Amendment

Barack Obama, former illegitimate head of the African occupation regime of the United States, has once again demanded an end to freedom of speech, saying that we have to stop disinformation. Because while everyone in a democracy is a fully actualized individual capable of determining the path of nations, they are also tiny little babies who can’t be trusted to read what they want on the internet. This is known as “The Duality of Democracy Man.”

The information about the “Disinformation Governance Board” leaked, and it showed that the government was setting up a government agency to coordinate censorship across the entire social media landscape. Now, instead of denying this, they’re just going to go out there and keep telling you it’s necessary because you’re all too stupid and childlike to read what you want online.

Someone, at some point, is going to have to sit back and say: “every time these people open their mouths, they’re talking about either taking my rights away or taking my money away. They don’t seem to have any other goals.”