Watch: Mulatto Dad Attacks Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting

This might seem like a cuck thing to report on, and in some ways maybe it is. Or at least, it would be if the story was in Breitbart. But this isn’t Breitbart.

There’s a larger point here that is not unimportant – it’s only a small fraction of the population, mostly Affluent White Female Liberals, who want this race stuff taught in school.

The blacks don’t really even care about it.

And a half black person is going to be intelligent enough to realize that this is really going to make white people hate black people a lot more than they already do.

New York Post:

A biracial North Carolina father has gone viral for railing against critical race theory at a school board meeting earlier this week, arguing that the controversial teaching method was “a big fat lie.”

Brian Echevarria, a father of three who is running for the North Carolina General Assembly, slammed CRT a “discrimination revolution” when he addressed the Cabarrus County School Board hearing on Feb. 14.

“I’m biracial, I’m bilingual, I’m multicultural. The fact is, in America, in North Carolina, I can do anything I want and I teach that to my children,” Echevarria said.

And the person who tells my pecan-color kids that they’re oppressed, based on the color of their skin, would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me.”

Echevarria said parents had learned they can drive policy change in local school boards across the country in the wake of debates over mask mandates and CRT.

“The community, I think we recognize, now the political juice has been sucked out of the mask distraction, that we have to move forward,” he said.

CRT, all of that, the parents don’t want it. It’s a big fat lie,” Echevarria said.

CRT, like BLM, or releasing blacks from prison, is not a black agenda. Blacks don’t really even benefit from these agendas, at least not collectively.

These are all Jewish agendas. That is to say, they are anti-white agendas, not pro-black agendas.

They are designed to hurt white people, not help black people.

And they are primarily pushed by irate white women.

That doesn’t mean “Democrats are the real racists,” it just means that Jews don’t care about black people – or rather, only care about how they can be used to hurt white people. The white women involved view black people as children who need to be coddled, and are too stupid to question the actual results of these various “liberation” agendas.