Watch: Brandon Bumps Into Brazilian Flag, Refuses to Shake President Lula’s Hand

This Brandon guy, man.

What a character.

New York Post:

President Biden looked confused again Wednesday as he walked into a giant flag at the United Nations — then appeared to anger Brazil’s president by walking off stage without shaking his hand.

The gaffe-prone oldest US president in history walked into the 7-foot-tall Brazilian flag as he took the stage, taking a moment to get his bearings as the flag wobbled.

He then struggled with the headset of his translation device, soon noted by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was with him for a joint speech agreeing to partner on workers’ rights.

Can you hear me, President Biden? This is a historic moment for Brazil and for the US,” the Brazilian leader asked.

When he did not immediately respond, Lula again asked: “President Biden, can you hear me?

He turned toward the 80-year-old president, who nodded in response — but continued to fumble with the headset throughout Lula’s speech.

At one point, Biden dropped it and raised his eyebrows in frustration.

At the end, Biden shook hands with International Labor Organization Director-General Gilbert Huongbo — but turned and wandered off as Lula offered his hand.

He instead simply waved to the audience and awkwardly saluted, before he shuffled off the stage.

As he left, Lula looked visibly irritated and made a swiping gesture with his arm.

It’s fun.

At this point, I support it.

The dumber the better, I say.