Watch: Cops Kill the Teenage Girl They Were Tasked with “Rescuing” from Her Father

We love our cops, don’t we folks?

What brave men and women, who will kill anyone.

They are so brave, they will even kill people they’re not suppose to kill, just to prove their mettle.

The Guardian:

Newly released law enforcement footage captures the moment California police fatally shot an unarmed 15-year-old girl who was a reported kidnapping victim.

On 27 September 2022, San Bernardino county sheriff’s deputies were searching for Savannah Graziano, who was feared abducted by her father Anthony Graziano after he had fatally shot her mother the day before.

Savannah Graziano

Deputies cornered Anthony Graziano’s vehicle on the side of a freeway in Hesperia, 80 miles east of Los Angeles. When Savannah exited the vehicle, they opened fire and killed her. The shooting sparked national concern, with critics questioning how officers wound up killing the teenage girl they were tasked with rescuing.

Anthony Graziano

Sheriff’s officials claimed following the shooting that it was unclear whether Savannah was shot by deputies or her father, and they said deputies didn’t realize it was her when she got out of the car. For nearly two years, they refused to release footage of the shooting.

But on Friday, the department disclosed nearly a dozen video files to the independent journalist Joey Scott, who filed records requests 18 months prior. The clips – which were shared with the Guardian and include helicopter footage – show deputies shooting at Savannah as she followed their instructions to move toward them. The videos also suggest deputies shot her after two officers remarked that it was the girl who exited. The footage, and the sheriff’s narration of the video, further make clear she was killed by deputies, not her father.

The sheriff’s department declined to comment.

The search for Savannah started on 26 September 2022, when her father, say officials, shot and killed her mother (his estranged wife) and shot at a father and his child outside a school in nearby Fontana. Authorities that day issued an Amber alert for Savannah, saying she was suspected “abducted/taken” by her father.

The sickening cops had no place messing with this man in the first place.

If it was not for these pigs, he never would have had to kill his wife in the first place. He would have his daughter in his own custody.

But women make laws that say men can’t have their kids, and then the sickening cops threaten to kill men who don’t go along with this. So then, men are forced to kill their wives to get their kids back.

Then, the cops come to kill the man and just go ahead and kill the kid too – just for good measure.