Watch: Joe Rogan Praises Trump for Opposing War, Points Out Democrats and Republicans are Pro-War

Trump is the only person who can actually do anything.

I like RFK. Or I did before he started saying that Israel stuff.

But Trump is the only one who could actually make something happen in this country.

He’s not going to. But he could.

New York Post:

Podcast host Joe Rogan and standup comedian Duncan Trussell slammed Democrats for abandoning their anti-war beliefs and praised former President Trump for advocating for peace in Ukraine as the threat of nuclear war looms.

Joe Rogan spoke on a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, about how the anti-war left of his youth has largely disappeared, suggesting Trump is one of the very few leaders trying to bring the Russia-Ukraine conflict to a close.

The podcast host also condemned the “rah-rah aspect” of some politicians’ political rhetoric about the Russia-Ukraine war, which he described as a “very complex issue.”

Trussell quipped that it is like a “pep rally for murdering people.”

Rogan then lamented that the anti-war left of his youth is missing in action, saying establishment Democrats and Republicans appear united to prolong the war in Ukraine.

“They’re all united on this idea that they should continue. There’s no one, whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat,” he observed, recalling that Democrats of the past were “always anti-war, always.”

He went on to say, “This is the first time where the Democrats are like wholesale buying the narrative and ‘We have to stop Putin. We have to support Ukraine.’ I mean, how many Democrat, peaceful people that used to have syringes in their Twitter bio now have a Ukraine flag?

Joe knows what’s up.

However, like everyone else, he enjoys being very rich.