Watch: Massive Crowds Marching to Jerusalem to Protest Bibi

Tough times for the ol’ Beebster.

(That’s what I call Bibi Netanyahu – I call him “the ol’ Beebster.”)


Thousands of Israelis opposed to a judicial overhaul planned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marched into Jerusalem on Saturday, as pressure mounts on his rightist government to scrap a bill that would curtail the Supreme Court’s powers.

Netanyahu’s religious-nationalist coalition says the bill, which parliament is scheduled to vote on by Monday, is needed to balance out the branches of power because the Court has become too interventionist.

Critics say it has a crucial role in safeguarding civil rights, in a country that has no constitution and a unicameral parliament dominated by the government.

Carrying blue and white Israeli flags, a column of protesters several kilometres (miles) long marched up the main highway to Jerusalem under a scorching summer sun, to the sounds of beating drums and anti-government chants and cheers.

Protest leader Shikma Bressler, asked if she thought the marchers would manage to stop the vote, said she didn’t know.

“But the vote is not the last step,” she told Reuters. “This is why we are trying to build the forces …in this country to choose right from wrong, to choose light from darkness.”

I think it’s probably the US – AKA, George Soros – that is trying to depose him. There’s a lot of evidence to that effect.

Certainly, this sort of thing is never, ever organic.

You would think enough people would by this point know that these protests are not organic that the mere suggestion that they are ever organic would be an outrage.

But okay.