Watch: New Leaked Video Shows Other Angle of F-35 Jet Crashing on Carrier

The virgin smooth landing vs. the chad lunatic crash.


A new video emerged online on Sunday purporting to show the American F-35C fighter jet crash-landing and skidding off the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the open sea somewhere south of China.

The incident occurred on January 24, when a US Navy F-35C crashed while landing on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier at an undisclosed location in the South China Sea. The plane’s pilot ejected safely, though six sailors received injuries while the plane’s wreck was being flung overboard.

The new video, presumably shot by a member of the aircraft carrier’s crew, shows surveillance footage of the crash played on a monitor. Footage shows the F-35C fighter jet approaching the carrier for landing as flight control shouts warnings to “wave off” the landing. The aircraft, which apparently undershot the flight deck, then proceeds to hit the ramp with its tail and engine.

I don’t know guys.

People have given China a lot of shit about the quality of their products over the years, but I’m pretty sure they can land jet planes properly.

Just might be something to think about, when those Jews on the television are telling you you need to fight a war with China to defend public gay rimjobs in front of small children in Taiwan.