Watch: Portuguese Drivers End Climate Change Protest in Seconds

If you’re in a car, it’s very easy to get pedestrians out of the way.

New York Post:

Portuguese drivers lost patience with climate activists blocking a busy highway during rush hour traffic Tuesday morning and took the situation into their own hands.

According to the Portugal Resident, activists from a group called Climáximo, sat on Lisbon’s Segunda Circular highway to protest the nearby energy company Galp.

Two protesters also hung from cables on a pedestrian bridge overlooking the highway.

However, the protest reportedly ended after just a few minutes when frustrated drivers decided to move the activists themselves.

A viral video shows cars blared their horns at the activists before about a dozen drivers exited their vehicles and swiftly dragged the small group out of the street.

The video was shared by “End Wokeness” on X, who remarked, “Climate activists tried to block a highway in Portugal. Drivers quickly ended it. This is how it’s done.”

The video drew strong reaction and over 6 million views as of Wednesday morning.

Climáximo also shared a fuller video of the protest on X.

It accuses companies like Galp of “genocide.”

You can say “genocide” all you want.

Just don’t call it a “Holocaust.”

Then you’ll have some big problems.

It’s really scary to understand that there are people who believe that carbon dioxide is “genocide.”

There are people in every country who will just believe everything the media says, no matter how goofy and retarded it may be.