Watch: Russian Schools Giving Students Shooting Lessons While Americans Learn Anal

It sucks America is not more like Russia.

America could actually be a much better version of Russia if we were simply not fat pieces of shit.


Fourteen-year-old Russian schoolboy David learned something new this month: firing accurately with a Kalashnikov is trickier than with a pistol.

With other pupils, he got to try out the weapons as part of basic military training – a feature of the school programme that was dropped in the final years of the Soviet Union but has been reintroduced since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In the southern city of Vladikavkaz this month teenage boys in camouflage uniform took turns at firing weapons and practising first aid under the eye of instructors.

The education ministry issued a decree in late 2022 introducing basic military training into the school curriculum as part of a subject called “basics of life safety“. Critics see it as part of a growing militarisation of Russian society since the start of the war.

Would you want your kids learning this?

Or how to get rimmed?

For me, it’s not a hard question to answer, but I guess it’s a real stumper for some folks.