Watch: Trump Talks About Meatball Ron DeSanctimonious’ Very Disloyal Nature

I don’t trust Ron DeSantis any further than I could throw him.

And I’m in pretty good shape, but I couldn’t throw him at all.

I’m sure he’s easy to topple over, and in that case, he may roll for some distance, but throwing is out of the question.

New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump suggested that his attacks against his Republican challenger Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are personal in the second part of his exclusive interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, saying that he finds it “very disloyal” that DeSantis joined the 2024 presidential race after he helped him get elected in Florida.

Trump, who is battling DeSantis for the GOP presidential nomination, was discussing the COVID response of several Republican governors when he invoked the Florida governor’s nickname, “Rob DeSanctimonious” during the second part of the hour-long interview that aired Tuesday on “Special Report.”

“Why do you use that name?” Baier interjected.

I got him elected,” Trump replied. “And I thought it was very disloyal when he said ‘Yes, I’d run.’ I got him past two races.”

I’m a big loyalist,” Trump continued. “Some people right here in this room tell me ‘sir don’t worry about loyalty, it doesn’t mean anything in politics.’ I said, to me it does. I got the guy elected.”

Trump said DeSantis was “dead politically” before he endorsed him in 2017 for Florida governor.

I got the guy elected. He came to see me, let’s say weeping because he was dead. He was getting out of the race. He was looking for jobs already. Probably at law firms or wherever he is going to look. He was totally dead. He ran a horrible campaign…it was like a wipeout. The election was going to be very soon. I said you are dead. If George Washington endorsed you are not going to win,” Trump told Baier.

Trump said he decided to “give it a shot” and endorsed DeSantis on Twitter.

At the time, Trump called DeSantis a “brilliant young leader” who “loves our country and is a true leader.”

It was like a bomb went off,” Trump recalled. “As soon as I endorsed him, he won the primary. It was over. He won by a landslide.”

The most offensive thing about Trump is that he won’t say the guy’s name correctly.

Poor Ron is walking around, really feeling the heat from people saying his name in the wrong way.

People should vote for him not because of his fanatical pro-Israel and anti-speech policies, not because of his lockdowns and pro-vax policies, not because he’s totally bought-and-paid-for by billionaire Jews – they should vote for him because they feel bad that people are calling him the wrong name.

It’s horrible, and anyone who has to go through something like that deserves to be president as compensation.