Watch: Violence Outside Drag Queen Story Hour in Queens

It’s really sort of pointless to protest tranny story hour.

What is the point supposed to be?

Are they trying to intimidate the perverts?

The perverts are not going to change their minds about enjoying molesting little kids.

Logically, these people should be protesting the Republican politicians who refuse to do anything to stop this.

I’m serious. Think about it for a second. It is really, really dumb to protest the trannies.

New York Post:

Angry scuffles broke out at a Drag Story Hour event in Queens on Thursday as protesters, including a neo-Nazi filmed giving a Heil Hitler salute, gathered outside a public library.

Dozens of police officers attempted to keep dueling protesters apart during the wild scene outside the building in Jackson Heights. It was not immediately clear whether any arrests were made.

At one point, cops appeared to detain a man who was barefoot and wearing ripped pants. The protester tried to kick an officer while calling him a “pig” who “wears shoes.”

Other videos showed some protesters arriving while holding a Proud Boys flag and shouting “Leave the kids alone!” at the supporters of the event.

One clip showed officers leading away a hooded, masked neo-Nazi who gave the middle finger — then gave a Sieg Heil salute while calling for a “future for white children.”


I see…

Cops had split the camps to either side of the street, with a loud contingency in support of the event waving rainbow-colored flags and umbrellas, singing and holding signs like “Queens [hearts] queens.”

On the other side, anti-event protesters held signs accusing those behind the event of “confusing kids.”

“You guys are nasty, disgusting pedophiles — every one of you!” one man spat out while leaning over a police barricade.

The NYPD confirmed that arrests had been made, but did immediately have a tally of how many.

The event was funded by Jackson Heights council member Shekar Krishnan, who said Wednesday that he was “proud to support” Drag Story Hour “and the literacy, love, and joy it promotes in our libraries!”

He was joined by council speaker Adrienne Adams and two other council members in releasing a statement Thursday condemning the “vile and dangerous” protests against the events as well as the politicians supporting them.

“Hate in all its pernicious forms” has “no place in our city and must be condemned,” the statement said.

Yeah, I mean.


The percentage of people who are actually opposed to this enough to do anything about it is apparently very low, and the people who are willing to protest it are apparently so misguided they think the perverts can be convinced to change their minds.