Watch: Weather Supremacists Throw Soup at Mona Lisa to Promote… Healthy Food???

Wait, now they’re promoting health food?

I might be able to get behind blocking roads and attempting to destroy priceless works of art if the goal was to regulate processed food.

Wait, no, sorry. I wouldn’t support it, because everyone hates this, and it makes everyone hate your agenda, even if they otherwise would have been sympathetic to you.

The Guardian:

Two environmental protesters hurled soup on to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris, calling for “healthy and sustainable food”. The painting, which was behind bullet-proof glass, appeared to be undamaged.

Gallery visitors looked on in shock as two women threw the yellow-coloured soup before climbing under the barrier in front of the work and flanking the splattered painting, their right hands held up in a salute-like gesture.

It’s always women, isn’t it?

It’s enough to make you wonder if all men, throughout all of human history before 100 years ago, totally restricted and controlled women’s behavior for reasons other than “sexism.”

But no, no. It’s probably a coincidence.

One of the two activists removed her jacket to reveal a white T-shirt bearing the slogan of the environmental activist group Riposte Alimentaire (Food Response) in black letters.

Footage posted on X captured the attack on Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece as well as the gasps of visitors and the cries of children apparently shocked by the incident.

Louvre staff scrambled quickly to erect black cloth screens around the painting and the protesters but failed to effectively block the view of the scene.

Riposte Alimentaire is part of the A22 umbrella movement of protest groups in 12 countries, which also includes Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion.

It’s very questionable optics.

The reason it is “questionable” is that everyone in the world hates that image, and most would probably support these people getting life sentences in a work camp in Siberia for having done something so fundamentally vulgar.

What did these hoes create?

Did they invent a new style of blowjob, perhaps? Did they innovate in the field of ass-licking, which has become a popular part of the gen Z blowjob technique?

No. No, I seriously doubt this is the case.

Gen Z sluts stole all of their ass-licking techniques from the gays (men). If they had used ChatGPT to alter these ass-licking techniques, the gays would probably sue them over it. However, there is no evidence that gen Z sluts employed AI in their cultural appropriation of gay ass-licking techniques.

The modern left is defined by people who create nothing going to war with people who create things. That is to say: it’s Jewish.

However: we do need healthier food.

But I suspect that these women are not talking about my revolutionary localized permaculture systems, and instead want lab-grown meat they claim (without evidence) will change the weather.

Did you guys see where the Jews are now introducing lab-grown meat? I meant to write about it and forgot.

I would strongly advise everyone against eating that shit. I suspect it probably changes your DNA, even though I don’t currently have a theory as to how exactly that would happen. At the very least, it is chemical tripe, which will be even less healthy than that hormone chicken that American Beasts gobble up.