What Would You Say If Flash Gordon Returned from the Future to Help Hitler Win WWII?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2019

This is just an open-ended question.

There’s no wrong answer.

As for me personally, if I was sitting at the coffee shop and got a news alert on my phone that was like “Flash Gordon returned from the future to alter the timeline so that Hitler won the war, so now we’re living under Hilterworld, and trannies and niggers are completely banned and fat people have to go to camps and sluts must pay the ultimate price,” I would be like “YES.”

I would probably even do the “cha-ching” gesture with my arm.

But that’s just me.

I know others would have other sorts of reactions.

But I mean, just to be real with you, I’m not even really that much of a Flash Gordon fan.

More of a John Carter type guy myself.

But I’ll tell you what: if John Carter came back from the future – or I guess forward from the past, technically – you’d end up with something a lot worse than a Hitler Nazi World.

I can tell you that much.

A John Carter takeover of the government would make a bloody incel gang-rape uprising look like a little kiddie game.

We’re talking about rivers of niggerblood to the point where you’re going to be wishing for Hitlerism.

Literally everything you own will be permanently ruined by niggerblood.