Who Sees These Jews Whining and Likes It? It’s Only Americans, But Who are They?

Who sees this and doesn’t laugh?

Seriously: who are these people?

Aside from international Jewry, and paid shills, the only people who take it seriously are Americans.

Even if that meme were true (it’s not true – if it were, they could just post it on an Israeli government website), the message is this mix of self-righteousness victimhood and demanding, nagging entitlement that is fundamentally repulsive to human beings.

Things are tough all over, Jews. Your problems are not my problems. People don’t want to see people whining about cutting a baby out of a woman’s stomach and decapitating it (straight up Itchy and Scratchy shit) on their social media account – especially not on Instagram, which is just a low-key porn site.

Note: I sometimes surreptitiously watch people scroll on their phones, and they’re often looking at Instagram, and it’s all just half-naked women. (Thinking about it now, maybe that’s just when I notice it – but I’m sure there’s a lot on there.) Looking at other people’s phones when they’re scrolling is not really a pro-social behavior, as it is a kind of privacy violation. But I think that any asshole who is scrolling on a phone in public – especially to view semi-pornographic imagery – is not really acting as though he cares about privacy.

Probably, I guess, the meme is for other Jews, propaganda for the wagon-circling and swarming that is going on right now. Jews pity themselves as individuals, but they also have a collective self-pity, which is what we witness all the time. It’s a circle jerk.

I’m so tired of being required to experience the existence of these people.

“Witness now, as we, the ultimate victims of the whole world, slaughter thousands of children by bombing residential neighborhoods, churches filled with refugees, and hospitals full of children who have already been bombed once.”

I want to make a comic book about a superhero named “The Victim” who defeats villains by whining at them about the suffering of his ancestors.