Woman Wakes Up After Pit Bull Attack to Find She’s Lost Both Arms and Her Colon

Kyleen Waltman

You see the headline and you want to make a joke about white women owning pit bulls being like white women dating black guys, just slightly safer.

But these weren’t even her dogs.

New York Post:

A South Carolina mom who had both her arms amputated after being savagely mauled by three pit bulls was so upset by her condition when she awoke from a coma that doctors decided to put her under sedation again, according to her sister.

Kyleen Waltman, 38, was critically injured when she was attacked by the dogs on a sidewalk in Honea Path northwest of Columbia on March 21.

A man who saw Waltman being mauled was eventually able to scare the animals off by firing his gun into the air.

Her sister Amy Wynne has said Waltman also lost part of her colon and may have to have a section of her esophagus removed.

In an update on GoFundMe, Wynne described the harrowing moment when her sister woke up from a coma.

“Kyleen has been fully woken up and the doctors told her about her arms but, it caused her a great deal of anxiety, so they sedated her,” she wrote.

The dogs’ owner, Justin Minor, has been charged with three misdemeanor counts of owning a dangerous animal that attacked and injured a human, rabies control violation and dangerous animal not permitted beyond premises unless restrained, The State reported.

He has been released on a $15,000 surety bond.

The owning of a dangerous animal charge carries a penalty of $5,000 or a sentence of three years behind bars.

I’ve never heard of someone waking up from a coma and freaking out and being put back into a coma. Wouldn’t they just give her morphine or some tranquilizer?

It’s not safe to repeatedly put someone into a medically-induced coma.

As far as this guy – $5,000 fine OR three years in jail?

He should get the same punishment if he himself had chewed the woman’s arms off, which should be the death penalty, but would at least be 20 years in prison.

This is a white guy.

Justin Minor

Every pit bull owner should be charged as if they committed the crime.

At the very least.

Why is this allowed?

Because there is only one breed of dog – the dog breed?

Would treating pit bulls differently be racism?

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