You Genocided Giganto Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago, Scientists Say

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The Guardian:

It was the largest primate ever to have roamed the Earth, but just why – and when – our distant cousin “giganto” ended up extinct has been something of a mystery.

Now researchers say the enormous ape was victim of an unfortunate choice of food when its preferred snacks became scarce.

Gigantopithecus blacki roamed mainland south-east Asia 2 million years ago, with estimates suggesting it was three metres tall and weighed 200-300kg – roughly three to four times a human’s weight.

Previous studies have shown giganto’s range decreased considerably by about 330,000 years ago, but unpicking the cause of its extinction has been a challenge as it was unclear when exactly it was wiped out.

Dr Kira Westaway of Macquarie University, co-lead author of the study, said: “If you don’t have an accurate timeline, then you’re just looking for clues in the wrong places.

“It was assumed that the deterioration in forests was the cause of its demise as it couldn’t live in open grasslands – but our study shows that this [shift to savannah] occurred at about 200,000 [years ago] when G blacki was already extinct.”

The results suggest about 700,000 to 600,000 years ago giganto’s environment began to shift from dense forests with patches of grassland, to more open forests – apparently a result of climate change away from fairly stable conditions.

We’re getting a very strong wet season and a very strong dry season,” Westaway said.

This changed the forest plant communities, and meant fruits that had been available year-round were scarce during drier periods.

It’s strange they can print these articles about ancient climate change.

Obviously, the weather of the Earth is entirely determined by the Sun. Nothing humans could ever do could change the effects of the Sun on the Earth.

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